Challengers Whose Careers Ended on a Bad Note

Some Challengers bow out of the competition gracefully. Their last Challenge features a strong showing, usually with success and sometimes with a win. People like Susie, The Miz, Brad, Jillian, and Evelyn serve as prime examples of Challengers who went out gracefully.

On the other hand we have some Challengers who left on a really, really bad note. These are the people who were once successful Challengers, but did one Challenge too many and that final Challenge made viewers cringe. So let’s see who was better off without doing their last Challenge.

Tina (last Challenge: The Duel)


After coming close to victory on The Inferno 2 and Fresh Meat, Tina seemed to have a lot of potential in her. Sadly, she wasted that potential on The Duel when she punched Beth in the face and got sent home on the second episode.

Darrell (last seen on Fresh Meat 2)


Darrell’s first four Challenge appearances translated into four victories. Then, he was disqualified from the competition on The Ruins when he fought Brad. So he returned for Fresh Meat 2, and fell victim to a plan orchestrated by Wes. He lost the first Exile and we haven’t seen him since.

Coral (last seen on The Gauntlet 3)


On The Gauntlet 3, Coral appeared on a “veteran” team with very few old schoolers on it. The scheming boys implemented a “trim the fat” strategy, and Coral didn’t appreciate them throwing missions to get rid of the girls. Refusing to play into this strategy, Coral quit right before she was slated to fight Evelyn in The Gauntlet. But let’s be honest, karma bit the veterans in the end.

Alton (last seen on Battle of the Seasons)


Once a leader on The Challenge, Alton found himself unenthusiastic on his Las Vegas team on Battle of the Seasons. Once he finally got voted into The Arena, he basically threw the game and got himself sent home… and took Nany with him.

Trishelle (last seen on Rivals 2)


Trishelle wasn’t the only person who hated Thailand on Rivals 2. The house lacked AC, the food was terrible, and the cast had very few freedoms. After getting into a fight with Aneesa, being in Thailand became too much for her and she left Rivals 2, disqualifying her partner Sarah in the process.

Tonya (The Ruins)


Tonya’s time on The Ruins wasn’t her best. Despite the fact that she had a pretty strong start, her team picked on her and the pressure really got to her. An argument with Veronica proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back, and she hit Veronica, resulting in her leaving The Challenge.

Veronica (last seen on The Ruins)


The Ruins will go down in history as one of the most mentally taxing Challenges, and it was especially hard for Veronica who made her Challenge return without the friends she once relied on. After multiple arguments, Veronica was eliminated by Kellyanne midway through the season.

Evan (last seen on Rivals)


Once a leader in The Challenge house, Evan appeared on Rivals in his worst shape. He also seemed unmotivated, but that didn’t stop him from trying to get CT eliminated from the game. He concocted the “D-Day” plan where he threw a mission, faced CT in The Jungle, and got eliminated.

Fortunately, there may be future opportunities for some of these people to redeem themselves… if they’re willing.

14 thoughts on “Challengers Whose Careers Ended on a Bad Note

  1. Under Evan, I think you meant Rivals I, not Ruins. I also think Rachel should be on there since she was eliminated in Exes.I want to have Darelle and Alton back so bad!

  2. Even though Timmy seemed to be happy about retiring after his DQ on the Inferno 3, it was said a long time ago that he was mad that he was supposedly got DQ and that the elimination caused more damaged to his knees and legs.

    1. I recently watched Inferno 3 again and Timmy’s departure had me all choked up! I felt like he handled the DQ well though it didn’t really seem fair. The few challenges prior to the elimination round–sled pulling and ladder climbing, really seemed to tear him up. Especially the sled challenge. It was painful to watch.

      1. Abe is one of my all time favorite competitors and glad he won the inferno 3 but I watched that scene with Timmy many times where that panel of glass supposedly fell and I did not see it one at all and it seemed like they just wanted Timmy to get DQ because he might of bring his team down in the final because of his legs.

      2. I agree Dan. I think they didn’t make to make a big deal out of Timmy’s injuries, but it’s obvious that he wouldn’t have been able to compete.

        It’s kind of like Katelynn & Brandon’s “DQ” on Fresh Meat 2. We all know they were disqualified because Katelynn hurt her knee and running an Exile would have made it worse. The whole beer thing was just a crock of shit.

      3. I totally forgot about the Katelynn and Brandon DQ on Frehmeat 2. It was obvious that they did not want to hurt her feelings and finding an excuse by blaming Brandon over Katelynn for the DQ because of one beer. Cara (Gauntlet 2) had more then one beer before her gauntlet against Kina and they did not DQ her even though it was many years before Freshmeat 2.

  3. I would add Theo to this list. He has not returned after Freshmeat because he said he does not like the way the challenges have become and that they are not as fun as they used to be.

  4. I would put Emily from Road Rules The Second Adventure on the list. She quit on Battle of the Sexes with two challenges til the final and she would have made the final and given the girls team a better chance. She also was responsible for sending Rachel and Veronica home because she didn’t like them.

    And even though its different from the feeling of the list I would say Derrick went out on a bad note. After winning three challenges in a row, to go out on the eve of the final had to sting a lot for him. Hopefully will see him in the future!!

    1. You’re definitely right about Emily. What a horrible way to leave!

      Derrick’s final departure wasn’t his finest moment, but he went out like the fighter we knew him to be. It’s not like that was the only time he went out that way.

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