Most Profitable Recent Seasons

The Challenge tends to be a game where veterans win, but recently we’ve seen some rookies who have beat the odds. Despite the successes that some rookies have, other seasons have yet to spawn a successful team.

For this post, I am going to look at the average winnings per appearance from the 10 most recent seasons. This includes Real World Hollywood- Real World Portland and Fresh Meat 2.

10. Real World Cancun: 17 appearances with $500 total winnings = $29.41 per appearance


The Cancun kids are the floppiest of the flops. Jasmine won $500 for winning the Frog Smash mission on Rivals 2, and only won because the rest of the cast handed her and Theresa the victory. This is a very poor showing for a season with a lot of potential.

9. Real World St. Thomas: 8 appearances with $500 total winnings= $62.50 per appearance

The Real World: St Thomas cast members.

Much like Real World Cancun, all of this season’s prize money comes from one mission victory on Rivals 2 when Trey won the XXX Games. However, he and Zach truly earned that win and this season has only made half the Challenge attempts that Cancun has.

8. Real World New Orleans: 9 appearances with $7,500 total winnings= $833 per appearance


The $7,500 winnings can be 100% attributed to Jemmye’s third place finish on Rivals 2. However, I believe the cast members with the most potential have yet to appear on a Challenge.

6. Real World Hollywood: 7 appearances with $35,000 total winnings= $5,000 per appearance


Thanks to Brittini’s second place finish on The Duel 2 this season has accumulated $35,000 in total prize winnings. Without her, the total would be $0.

6. Real World Las Vegas: 16 appearances with $80,000 total winnings= $5,000 per appearance


This season’s average is tied with Hollywood’s thanks to Nany’s recent addition of $35,000 from her second place finish on Free Agents. Every person from this season has been on at least 1 Challenge, yet no one has won yet.

5. Real World Brooklyn: 17 appearances with $92,689 total winnings= $5452 per appearance


Most of these winnings come from Sarah and Devyn, though Chet and JD accompanying them in the Battle of the Seasons final adds to the total. Still, no one from this season has received the Challenge crown.

4. Real World Portland: 8 appearances with $51,000 total winnings= $6,375 per appearance

MTV Real World 28 Portland

The guys from Real World Portland have proven to be tough rookies, and this has paid off. Jordan and Marlon split the $15,000 third place prize on Rivals 2 (+$1,000 for winning a mission) while Johnny added $35,000 for finishing second on Free Agents.

3. Fresh Meat 2: 23 appearances with $255,000 total winnings*= $11,087 per appearance

does not include initial appearance on Fresh Meat 2 or winnings from Fresh Meat 2


Fresh Meat 2 has given us memorable Challengers like Cara Maria, Laurel, Brandon, and Theresa. However they were unable to win a Challenge until Laurel won Free Agents. This victory added $125,000 to the season’s total and had a huge impact on the average.

2. Real World DC: 7 appearances with $124,500 total winnings= $17,786 per appearance


Only Emily and Ty have made their Challenge debut, and you can thank Emily for winning $124,000 of the total winnings. But Ty’s $500 he earned on Rivals 2 did made a huge difference.

1. Real World San Diego: 10 appearances with $283,000 total winnings= $28,300 per appearance


This season is really #1 on the list because they won Battle of the Seasons, turning Zach, Frank, Ashley, and Sam into instant Challenge champs and adding $250,000 to their Challenge winnings. Still, there’s no denying that Zach and Frank have a lot of potential to add more to the pot.


  1. Wow, I used to love watching the RW but I tuned out years ago…I haven’t seen any of these 10 seasons and only know some of the casts because of players’ involvement in Challenges over the years.

  2. Real world Cancun has more than 16 appearances
    CJ: Fresh meat 2, BOTS
    Jonna: Rivals, BOTS, Rivals 2, Free agents,
    Jasmine: Rivals, BOTE, BOTS, Rivals 2, Free agents
    Ayiiia: Cutthroat,
    Derek: Cutthroat, BOTS, Rivals 2
    Emilee: Cutthroat, Free Agents

  3. Lol even the first place season here doesn’t even come close to the amount of money the real #1 all-time season has accumulated, RW Key West. They won over $600,000 because of Johnny, Tyler, Paula and Janelle while in 2nd is Fresh Meat 1 who also won over $600,000 just a little under key west because of Kenny, Evan, Evelyn, Diem and even little Casey contributing 10k. Then coming in 3rd would be RW Austin winning nearly $400,000, half because of Wes alone and the other half because of johanna, rachel and nehemiah who won in gauntlet 3

  4. I;m just saying you should edit this post and give Ty credit where credit is due. How did Emily carry him? he beat Abram and Dunbar one on one and he beat Emily on some missions. give Ty credit where credit is due.

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