Real World Rankings: Seasons 20-29

With the premier of Real World Skeletons, The Real World will be entering its thirties! In its twenties The Real World saw some great success as well as some pretty bad failures. During these ten seasons which aired from 2008-2014 The Real World gained some viewers and lost some viewers, all while adding some interesting characters to the family. Let’s check out how the seasons … Continue reading Real World Rankings: Seasons 20-29

Most Profitable Recent Seasons

The Challenge tends to be a game where veterans win, but recently we’ve seen some rookies who have beat the odds. Despite the successes that some rookies have, other seasons have yet to spawn a successful team. For this post, I am going to look at the average winnings per appearance from the 10 most recent seasons. This includes Real World Hollywood- Real World Portland … Continue reading Most Profitable Recent Seasons

Worst Real World Locations

There’s a reason cities like New York, San Diego, Las Vegas and New Orleans have been used more than once to host The Real World. They’re fun, exciting, and are perfect for the Real World-aged youth to make dumb mistakes and do a little bit of self discovery. Then we have cities like the ones I’m about to mention. They didn’t really offer much and … Continue reading Worst Real World Locations

Seasons that Hate Doing Challenges

Every year, we get a few new seasons of  The Real World and The Challenge. Many cast members are eager to start their challenge career, but other seasons seem to breed individuals who resist the fun of a challenge. Let’s check out the most resistant seasons thus far. Real World San Francisco Not including Pedro, there were still seven San Fran roomies that were eligible … Continue reading Seasons that Hate Doing Challenges