The Challenge

Why Old School Veterans Aren’t on Challenges Anymore

I keep hearing people who complain that we never see Old Schoolers on The Challenge any more. Cast members who we once saw season-after-season are now doing different things and are reluctant to come back, and for good reason. Truth is, there have been a lot of changes to the Challenge environment and I can’t blame them for not wanting to return.

Of course, there are some exceptions. By most people’s standards CT and Aneesa, who appeared on Free Agents, are veterans. Even people like Diem, Wes, or Johnny Bananas may be considered “old-schoolers” by some people. However, even people from their original seasons are showing up less frequents. So here are some of the reasons they’re not showing up:


1. They’re doing something better: If one of my favorite oldies declines a Challenge, I hope this is the reason. Some people have established careers for themselves and can’t get the time off.

2. Conditions have gotten much worst: If you watched seasons like Battle of the Seasons or The Inferno, you’d know that the cast used to be able to venture out of the house. Then, that right got taken away. While I understand this is a show and they want the cast to be on camera, production needs to let the cast enjoy the location. Here are some other examples of privileges that have been taken away:

  • Bringing electronics (like cameras, iPods, cell phones, ect.)
  • Sundays off (the cast used to have no filming on Sunday)
  • Bring books (thanks Dunbar!)
  • Making phone calls (cast now has very limited phone access)
  • Plus the quality of food has declined

3. The theme doesn’t allow them to come back: Even veterans who express interest in returning won’t get asked back because the format of the Challenge calls for certain people to be used (such as Exes, Rivals, or Seasons). Without a partner, some people may never return.

4. There friends won’t be there: If we’re ever lucky enough to see someone like Rachel, Veronica or Coral again they will have to work hard to survive in the Challenge house. Because so few vets get asked back, we won’t see them all on the same season. This is enough to scare some Challengers away.

5. Production doesn’t want them: A lot of veterans only want to return for an individual Challenge, or new school vs. old school, or whatever format they’ve concocted in their heads. Fact is, production doesn’t want people who will only return conditionally. They want people who have potential to become a staple in the Challenge world. There’s a reason CT and Aneesa keep getting asked back: they’re flexible. And that’s what production wants.

Hopefully we will have an opportunity to see some of our favorite vets again!



  1. Mark: Wants to do more but never gets cast
    Darrell: Wants to do more but never gets a call. Was going to be a RR team on Seasons 2.
    Shane: Wanted to do one but I do not know about now. Was alternate for RR team on Seasons 2.
    Abe: Wants to one without Cara but never gets asked
    Derrick: Wants to do one but wife won’t let him. Was going to be on RR team on Seasons 2.
    Dan W: I think I heard he wants to do another one but I do not know about now. Dropped Duel 2.
    Susie: Wants to do one only if she has more family contact. Alternate for RR team on Season 2.
    Veronica: Wants to one if Rachel, Tina, and Coral are there.
    Rachel: Wants to do anyone if timing is right. Was going to be in RR team on Seasons 2.
    Kendal: Wants to do one since the Island. Was alternate for the Island.
    Tina: Same as Veronica.
    Cara Z: Wants to do one only if she has more contact with family. Originally on the Ruins but dropped for Susie.
    Ibis: Wanted to do one after The Ruins but I do not know about now.
    Tori: Wants to do one but ants more contact with family. Dropped for Jeymme for Rivals 2.

    BMP thinks Johnny Bananas is going to hold up the old school cast members but he is not the fan favorite they think he is. The only reason in my opinion Rivals, Exes, and Rivals 2 did so well is because of CT. If they were to cast more Road Rulers and let them have more access to a phone and change living arrangements the ratings would be much better then they are now.

    1. I’d really like to see Abram do another season without Cara Maria around. Then again, most of the RR people are difficult to get, right?

  2. We all want to see vets return–I won’t give out hope!

    Curious about the claim that the quality of the food on the show has gone down. There are often shots of the cast eating and they also seem to have open access to a stocked kitchen. Can you explain this more? Its a weird thing to pull out of this whole post but its something that I’ve been kind of curious about ha ha.

    1. The quality of the food was a major concern during Rivals 2. Remember when Anastasia was eliminated and TJ made a comment about her not eating? Well, she wasn’t the only one. Apparently a lot of the cast discovered they were allergic to msg while eating Thai food and it made it difficult for catering to accommodate.

      To be fair, the Free Agents house was supposed to be a huge step up from Rivals 2.

      1. Ah, I had forgotten about that comment. Dang, I didn’t think about MSG issues. Hope that they take care of people. If they put half as much money in to good food that it seems they put in to liquor, folks would def be eating well!

  3. They need to bend the rules if they want more viewers. They should do anoher Ruins and that would eliminate some of the problem of the older vets not having friends around. I think if they cast more of their friends they’d be more likely to give up the phone.

  4. Honestly I think they should focus on the New Generation more. The vets had their time in the sun and now it’s time to let the newer castmembers have the spotlight. A show like this needs the cast to evolve and change. The vets can’t be on their all the time.

  5. Dan: Pretty sure Derrick wife supports any decision he makes…and I’m pretty sure Derrick is a good husband and dad and puts the feelings of his family into consideration… Their kid is old enough now to wonder where is dad is for 3 months with no phone calls…

      1. As invested as you are being on here. I’m not the dudes wife, I’ve watched these people for years, followed their stories and he has said many times on podcast ect that his wife supports him but he takes them all into comsideration which I think makes him a pretty good guy. Not really fair these people get married and wives or husbands are assumed the reasons they aren’t “allowed” on one. I’d love to see Derrick back and Mark Long

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