Battle of the Exes 2 Cast

PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS. Yes, you may reference the cast, but do not post elimination spoilers.

Here we go! The cast of Challenge 26 is en route to their destination. This means it’s time to start revealing names.

As I do most season, I want to write a disclaimer: these are the people I believe to be on the cast. This is not just speculation, but there is a possibility I am incorrect. I will also be updating this  post until the cast is complete; not every name will be revealed at once.

Also, there will be no spoilers beyond cast spoilers. If you don’t want to know the cast, stop read now.

Challenge 26 Cast

Adam Kuhn Are You The One


Averey Tressler Real World Portland


Brittany Baldassari Are You The One


CT Tamburello Real World Paris


Diem Brown Fresh Meat


Dustin Zito Real World Las Vegas


Hailey Chivers Real World Ex-Plosion


Jay Gotti Real World Ex-Plosion


Jemmye Carroll Real World New Orleans


Jenna Compono Real World Ex-Plosion


Jessica McCain Real World Portland


Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio Real World Key West

MTV The Challenge Season 25

John Jacobs Are You The One


Johnny Reilly Real World Portland


Jonna Mannion Real World Cancun


Jordan Wiseley Real World Portland


Leroy Garrett Real World Las Vegas


Nany González Real World Las Vegas


Nia Moore Real World Portland


Ryan Knight Real World New Orleans


Sarah Rice Real World Brooklyn


Simone Kelly Are You The One


Theresa Gonzalez Fresh Meat 2


Thomas Buell Real World Ex-Plosion


Wes Bergmann Real World Austin


Zach Nichols Real World San Diego




Danny and Melinda are not on this Challenge, nor were they ever.

149 thoughts on “Battle of the Exes 2 Cast

      1. woo, sarah, ct, jordan and dustin would be awesome
        things are starting to brighten up
        hope cohutta comes back, and would love kellyanne to reappear

    1. Averey and the Ex-Plosion cast members are a decent start. I’m expecting it to be another recycled cast though. I’m still holding onto hope for Ashli Robson & Dunbar as well as Anastasia for CT (if the latter is going).

  1. So lets say theyre filming right now. Production takes about 6 weeks. And then editing, promotion, etc. I think that could be ready by November/December? No?

  2. educated guess:
    plus 2 surpising-ish teams?

    1. Now to figure out who his partner is. I’m thinking Anastasia or Shauvon (unless they’re going to stretch his kiss with Leah on the Paris reunion).

  3. Seems other sources are 99% about Danny/Melinda. I haven’t seen any physical proof though (as in social media screenshots)

      1. So are Danny and Melinda on? I’m confused. On the top it states they are not on this challenge, nor were they ever. Then it says they are on, then it says they dropped out. I was really looking forward to seeing them as they are truly “exes” married and divorced. Half of the cast aren’t even exes. They just hooked up a few times. Also like seeing the old school cast more.

      2. They are not on this Challenge. At one point it was believed that they were part of the official cast but they never were. The reality of the matter is they agreed to do the Challenge but had to drop out prior to departure.

    1. Someone recently posted that they had a brief fling off camera between filming seasons but I don’t know any details.

      I also didn’t know about CT & Cooke?

      1. Bananas and Nany had a fwb thing for like a year and a half. Not just a little hook up.
        CT had NOTHING with Cooke but a semi stalker – she wanted it bad and tried to make people think there was more than banter but not even a kiss

  4. I don’t ever remember Nany and Banana’s being a thing? Was it just a hook-up? I wonder is Isaac is on this season. I could see him pairing up with her.

  5. I thought they would never repeat a couple; don’t see Diem and CT again. On Rivals II it seemed like he flirted with many girls to upset Diem. She kind of deserved it though. She doesn’t want him, but she doesn’t want anyone else to have him either. She even admitted to it! Really?

  6. I like how the RW St Thomas has no teams being represented. They have bigger relationships then some on this cast.

    Robb and Marie would of been a perfect pair too bad Robb dropped after Marie finally accepted a call.
    Swift and Latoya would be a more entertaining pair especially with Latoya starting drama.
    Trey and Laura are rumored to be a alternate team.

    I do not get why they would have teams on here that were off screen and or a possible rumored repeat team and yet Trey and Laura get put as a possible alternate team, makes no sense.

  7. I don’t think Diem would be on there because her only other “considered” ex would be Derrick in Fresh Meat, also she said she was done. I hope C.T. isn’t paired up with Ana or Shauvon because he’d have no chance. I love Sarah, but I hate Jordan! I’m still kind of hoping (even though it seems to be true) that it’s not exes. I think they nee dto give the older, big names more time to get an ex instead of using a kiss to be an ex.

  8. Diem is back on challenges and with CT – YES!!!!

    Now this cast is shaping up at last! Free Agents was a total bore. Would love to see Banana/Nany vs CT/Diem in the final. Also interested in Avery/Johnny.

  9. Jenny didn’t want to be on with Cory so why didn’t BMP/MTV cast Jenny with Brian? I doubt Brian would have said no, and they are on/off again like Diem & CT. Jenny’s a much bigger draw and competitor than Jay/Jenna

    1. Brian did not want to go after the first call because he has a serious job now and he did not want to ruin his relationship with Jenny.

  10. The Challenge needs to give up on the whole CT & Diem love story. I get they are Veterans and great competitors but to place them together again is just too much, especially when they are the only repeat Exes team.

    1. I agree. CT obviously doesn’t fit for this format (exes) so don’t cast him. Stop trying to make CT and Diem happen. Plus CT is such an ass when Diem plays with him.

      1. Well guess what, when Ct is the main focus of the show thats when the show is highest in ratings so bmp is just trying to give Ct a partner.

  11. No, there are two repeat teams then: Melinda & Danny. I think this could be a really good season. I think Wes and Theresa will make a really good team. I just don’t want Bananas to win anything else. It seems like bull that he and Nany are going to be a team.

    1. I LOVE seeing CT and Diem together again! The challenges feel flat without them (Seasons, Free Agents, etc.) and just having one but not the other is not enough. Gotta have them both. It will be fun to see them interact with new rookies: Explosion 4 and Averey. Not my favorite explosion people tho.

  12. I like the announcement that TJ is hosting again, ha ha! If you ever have the chance, it might be cool to see a post with more about TJ’s history on and off the challenge. Hands down the best host followed by Johnny Mosley. Dave Mirra was terrible! Eric & Mark were good, too but I’m I liked it more when they were involved in the games.

    1. I love TJ more than any host. Mosley’s voice bugs me and he seems like he doesn’t care what the people he’s interviewing has to say. Totally agree with you on Dave!

    1. It depends. I think if Nia’s former roommates held any animosity towards her (Jordan, Johnny R., Averey, and Jessica) for what she did in Portland, and if said roommates won a challenge, she may be considered very closely by them. Leroy, though, I’m not entirely sure.

    2. I think they’re both afraid of heights and Leroy can’t swim so that’s going to be a problem for them as far as missions. Social game they should be fine if they play the usual game that Leroy plays. He’s likable and Nia has made up with her Portland cast members.

  13. Is this cast complete? If so not impressive. CT and Diem were together on the first Battle of the exes. BORING! They get drunk and have the same fight over and over. Katie and David were supposedly together for about a year after Gauntlet II. Maybe because they both smelled so bad after being in those fish, spoiled milk, etc. tanks! LOL

  14. The way I see alliances go are (If these are the teams):

    CT/Diem, Zach/Jonna, Johnny R and Averey, Knight/Jeymme, Jordan/Sarah, Wes/Theresa, Danny/Melinda?

    Johnny D/Nany, Leroy/Nia, Dustin/Jessica, Jay/Jenna, Thomas/Hailey

    I can definitely see Jay going with Bananas and Tom will follow. Bananas and Leroy are really close outside the house so I can see them being in a alliances. Leroy and Dustin are good friends. CT has his Boston alliance with Zach and Johnny R. Knight is friends with Ct and Zach. Jordan is friends with Johnny R and hates Bananas. Depending if Danny is there he will go where Wes goes and he will definitely be against Bananas. Some of the girls though we be on different sides like Theresa and Diem because theirs friends with Bananas. Jessica and Nia are friends with Jordan and Johnny R?.

    Also depending on if there are mystery teams and if Trey/Laura the rumored alternate team does go they will most likely be on Zach’s side.

    If these alliances are true I hope they take out Bananas ASAP.

  15. Urghhhhhhh I’ll be so sad if Danny and Melinda aren’t on it. I want more old school people. And compared to most of these people on this list.. they’re old school. Danny and Melinda could easily have gone home first week though.

  16. Ah I was looking forward to seeing Danny & Melinda. I hope they didn’t drop out. But if they did, the rumor that Trey and Laura are alts go out the window. Trey just tweeted 4 hrs ago. If however
    they were eliminated…let’s keep this a spoiler free post 😉

    1. Frank & Cooke could be a team. They had a satirical makeout session on Rivals II. Both have been silent on social media. Even though there’s no drama between the two of them, this would put Cooke back with both Diem (since Rivals II, since Cooke wasn’t at Reunion) and Dustin (since Vegas). I’d put big $$ on this.

      Dustin/Cooke could also be a team, but then Jessica would have no partner.

  17. I would love if Frank joined, but it would be super condescending for him to make a comeback considering he already declared his retirement and hate for the challenge.

    I also am super excited for the challenge 26 if this is indeed the cast. Have we ever seen such a competitive bunch?? Im impressed. My prediction for the Top 3: Johnny/Nanny, Wes/Theresa, Leroy/Nia

    Dont sleep on Leroy/Nia- Leroy has seen a final challenge before and is often one of the last men to go. Also, Nia has been working out a TON.

    I am excited to see Jessica and Dustin too. I think they can surprise some people.

  18. This cast is small and not very interesting. Free agents was boring especially the 3, and only three elimation rounds. Anyone else ever wonder how TJ would do in a challenge? I do! He is still HOT! Oh yeah, Frank should stick to his words.

    1. I do often wonder how TJ would be in a Challenge. Sometimes he seems like he’d really like to try what they’re doing.

  19. I can not remember where I heard this but I think on the Inferno 3 the mission where they had to jump from multiple trampolines to platforms, he asked productions if he could try it out and they let him. Todays missions I highly doubt he would want to take part in any missions and for the fact of the accident he was in a few years back.

    1. There were rumors of it being a Spanish speaking country. Panama, Mexico, and somewhere in South America are speculated locations.

    1. You might want to rethink that since C.T. has one of, if not the, biggest fan bases of all the challengers. Most people love and would watch them if they were on it. I see that she’s been on instagram so I really doubt she’s even on it,

  20. Couldn’t disagree more – LOVE CT & Diem! They make the challenges and get that you don’t like them, but they’ve got a big following and do help ratings so good news for all challenge fans as this show is in danger of getting cancelled so needs all the help and gimmicks it can get! Also, if CT & Diem finally do sail off into the sunset on this one and have some kind of ending to their 8 year long saga, they’ll likely not get calls for getting casted again. From what I heard, they declined several times for this challenge and didn’t want to do it initally but producers really wanted them for ratings.

  21. Most excited to see Wes, Diem, CT, Hailey, and Averey!! The rest of the cast is not too interesting, esp Knight, Jemmye, Jay, Jenna and Nany. Now that Nany and Cohutta already broke up, I feel like she will be her usual train wreck, ugh.

  22. CT and Diem are back – yes!!! Finally, some answers to all of CT’s “mind ya business” nonsense. I hope they win!

  23. If this cast holds up, then this would be the first challenge since “The Ruins” (five years ago) in which there is no Camila or Cara Maria.

  24. Okay, so here’s a big update on the upcoming cast (no elimination spoilers). 2-3 couples from “Are You the One” will be rounding out the cast of the next Challenge! I’m officially horrified.

    From Emilee Fitzpatrick’s twitter:

    Emilee Fitzpatrick ‏@IWantMyEmTV 6m
    Tell me why people from Are You The One are filming on the challenge right now but I’m not?

    Emilee Fitzpatrick ‏@IWantMyEmTV 4m
    I only spent 4 months of my life putting myself entirely out there/exposing every aspect of my life to get constantly ****ed over. So dumb

    1. The only possible reason for this if they do it is that “Are you the One” had good ratings. I still hate the idea of it because I would rather see Darrell/Rachel, Eric/Sahar, Dunbar/Ashli or Aneesa, Trey/Laura, etc. The first season of Exes had good ratings because of the theme and CT/Diem. Even though if they repeat CT/Diem again I still see ratings being better then Free Agents even without AYTO cast members.

    2. Also Emilee had no chance of being on this season unless Jessica dropped out or left the first episode and Emilee became a replacement and CJ is done with challenges because of his job.

    3. My point!!! They weren’t on a RW/RR! I don’t care if AYTO is a BMP production. If they wanna be on The Challenge, then apply for Real World!

  25. Yeah, supposedly it’s Brittany & Adam and John & Simone from ‘Are you the One’ who are one the challenge next season.

    Who’s next? Catfish?


    – I feel like production was hesitant to bring on AYTO members so they knew they needed to have a reason of doing so. I know Diem “retired” but it appears her and CT are on this season. I predict production had one of AYTO exes go against Diem and CT in a duel and AYTO exes came out on top. Its a win win for all. Diem gets to go home and not be on the season, and production wins bc now AYTO are a new threat. Just a thought!!!

  27. Production would be very smart to find a way to keep CT and Diem around as long as possible!!! If theyre out, I’ll stop watching after that episode!

  28. So a battle of the EX’s where most of the issues with the ex’s have been long since resolved and not really an issue.

    1. Who has been resolved? Wes and Theresa perhaps, but they’re still some drama there as we saw on Rivals 2. Knight and Jemmye always seem to have drama even though they broke up in early 2012. Debatably Zach and Jonna, but they’re only good at avoiding each other, nothing is truly resolved.

  29. I dont think diem will be on this season due to her currently recovering from surgery and battling cancer for i believe the third time, correct me if im wrong. I also think cohutta might just be on this season he posted on his instagram about learning spanish, at first i thought it was just for nany but theyre rumored to be shooting in a spanish speaking country.

    1. diem is for sure in this season, because what happened to her is that she colapse in middle of the set of the challenge and they rush her to the hospital from Panama to NY for surgery

  30. When I heard, “Are you the One” cast members were going to be on this season I really hoped it would be a “Fresh Meat” style season. But alas, it’ll be rubbish.

  31. I was really looking forward to Danny and Melinda 😦 it would’ve been an interesting breath of fresh air, considering they are exactly what couples in real life are like, and hence, were actually a couple in real life for a long time. That comes as a disappointment to me.

    Also, I’m really bummed out that Simone is on this show. I really hated her on Are You the One.

    1. yeah but why are they even on the show…. it’s called real world road rules challenge. not real world road rules are you the one? challenge haha

  32. So since they had to rush Diem back to the US and she’s been in and out of the hospital since, did they replace her with an alternate, or did they pull CT off of the show?

  33. The “Exes” theme is stretching it yet we all know it’s about variety of pairings that are exciting aka bananas and nany vs wes and theresa. check out this vid for an in depth podcast of the pairings.

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