Battle of the Exes 2

Are You The One Invades The Challenge?!

When Fresh Meat debuted in 2006, we no longer had reason to call “The Challenge” the “Real World/Road Rules Challenge.” Now, it looks like we may be welcoming more fresh faces into The Challenge, and they’re from an entirely difference franchise.


Pictured above is the cast of Are You The One, a dating show that aired on MTV earlier this year. Rumor has it, two couples from that season are going to join the cast of the upcoming Challenge.

In case you missed it, the premise of Are You The One was to put 10 single men and 10 single women in a house. This allowed for 10 “perfect match” couples, as determined by the producers. If everyone on the cast could find their “perfect match” they would all split a $1,000,000 prize. Then MTV aired episodes after Teen Mom to ensure it would be mildly successful.

Due to the fact that love and Reality TV don’t mix, and the fact that MTV loves exes, production seems to have used people from Are You The One to fill the cast for Challenge 26 (which is likely Battle of the Exes 2).

Of course, this move was bound to piss some people off:


What do you think? Should Are You The One cast members be welcomed onto The Challenge?


  1. 2006- Fresh Meaters
    2010- Spring Breaker
    2014- Are You The One cast members?

    Why does BMP love to mess with us every four years?

  2. If the ratings aren’t that good then producers are gonna look like assholes. If The ARE YOU THE ONE cast members make it further than Bananas/CT/Leroy and other popular characters than challenge fans will tune out. This is so risky and I like both shows, just don’t want to see them collide.

  3. there should be another option. i dont truly care hehe
    i saw a few bits of are you the one and part of the cast seems more entertaining than the latest real worlds that have joind the challenge
    i wouldnt mind, think they could bring more drama like RW vs AYTO.
    kinda miss that rookies vs vets drama, nowdays the challenge house is pretty lame

  4. This experiment will not leave many people happy. I already disapprove it, they’re mixing two completely different formats into one that already works the way it currently does, and as a fan, I feel disrespected that the bring people from another show, that’s NOT EVEN PRODUCED BY THE SAME PEOPLE and mix them in with RW folks. That’s not fair for them!

  5. They’ve gotta be better than the Tom and Jay from Real World San Fran. It’s still gonna be mostly Challenge vets, so it doesn’t really matter. The cast will probably weed them out pretty quickly like they do with any other “rookies.”

  6. Also, who cares what Emilee thinks…she’s a waste of space. Maybe you should have actually competed a little harder when you were on the challenges you got to be on. Bringing people like her on the show isn’t gonna help ratings either.

  7. Seeing how AYTO received much higher ratings than the most recent challenges in its first season, I don’t see this hurting ratings at all, only helping honestly. Yes these two shows are completely different; however, I feel like if AYTO contestants start appearing on The Challenges it will help both shows, especially The Challenge, since the premiere of AYTO was so successful. Bringing in new people is always good in my opinion, especially since we’ve had a lot the same people since BOTS.

  8. I would have loved to see Ronny or Pauly on after their first season on the shore, so I don’t know if this will be good.

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