Diem Brown Battles Cancer for Third Time

I’m not labeling this as a spoiler because this news has been posted on various public sites including MTV.com. There’s no point in hiding it.

The cast of Challenge 26 are busy filming, but this Challenge can’t compete with the battle another cast member is preparing to face.


Last week, while filming this season of The Challenge, Diem collapsed on set reports PEOPLE.com. She was air-lifted to New York for treatment, and she has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

One tumor was completely blocking her colon. Doctors performed surgery to remove it, and discovered other tumors in the process. The second surgery she underwent cause an infection in her abdomen.

You can read the People article for full details. This is very sad news, and while I’m sure it will impact the Challenge, the most important thing is Diem receives proper treatment. My thoughts and prayers are with her, and she has my ongoing support.


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