Real World

Twists That Could Invade The Real World

Adding the Ex-Plosion twist proved to be a beneficial move for The Real World. It breathed new life into the series and attracted new people to watch the show. Now that we’re guaranteed a 30th Real World season it seems likely that we’ll have some twist again. While I certainly wouldn’t mind a twist, I hope it’s not Ex-Plosion again. So, here’s 5 fresh ideas that I welcome production to steal from me:


Real World: Rivals: Much like Ex-Plosion mimicked Battle of the Exes, it seems likely that the Real World will invite enemies to live with each other at some point. Start off with seven strangers then surprise them with their biggest foe a couple of weeks in. What could go wrong?

Real World: Family Tree: Another twist that I would put in the “obvious” category. Family members bring out the best and worst in people, so inviting relatives into the Real World house would certainly be a major damper for the original roommates. It may also spark a lot of drama.

Real World: Big Secrets: Think of some of the biggest shockers in recent Real World history: Marlon sleeping with a man, Dustin’s gay porn past, even Adam R.’s involvement with a murder. For this season every member of the house will enter with a huge secret. While the secrets may not be apparent immediately, they may also ruin relationships once revealed.

Real World: Reformation: People come from all walks of life, and on this season we’d have 7 people with bad reputations. During the season they’d work to battle their demons and change their lives, but of course the pressures of reality TV will cause them to clash.

Real World: All Stars: We’ve seen the Real World return to popular cities; why not have popular cast members return? Nothing attracts viewers like fan favorites fighting every episode!


  1. I think it would be hard for the season to work if it is families because the cast would eventually know before filming. It would be interesting if they did do a sibling season especially if there are identical twins on a season.

  2. I love the All Star idea also how about Real World: Best Friends. Have four pairs of best friends (eight people total) living together.

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