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Does The Real World Make You Famous?

Tonight on VH1 we’re seeing the premier of a new season of Couple’s Therapy. One of the couples is “Evel” Dick Donato from Big Brother and his girlfriend. I’m appalled at the thought of him being considered a celebrity, but then I think 2 seasons back on Couples Therapy when Dustin and Heather from Las Vegas were there. I was a fan of them, and had no problem watching them on Couple’s Therapy, but because I’m not a fan of Dick’s I feel that he’s unworthy of being on the show.

Of course, it is just another reality show, so it seems appropriate that his claim to fame could be from reality TV.

redcarpetrwThis thought made we question whether of not Real World alum should be considered celebrities. Occasionally TMZ will cover stories that feature Real World alum (usually arrests, such as Puck or Dustin’s). I even remember seeing Coral in a magazine back in 2004 just because of her outfit. Diem has been featured in magazines as well, notably for her appearances in People during her second battle with cancer.

It seems that some people have actually used their appearance on The Real World to gain access to a larger audience. On the other hand, there are people the fade into oblivion. For some, it’s because they want to be forgotten. For others, it’s because people no longer care. Still, this doesn’t stop people from auditioning for The Real World as a stepping stone in their careers.

Then there are people like Johnny Bananas, CT, Paula, and even Coral. There only claim to fame is The Real World and The Challenges, but I bet they get noticed all the time. Johnny even claims that he has spent his career making “Johnny Bananas a household name.” While they certainly are among the most recognizable in the franchise, they’re probably not really household names.

What do you think? Does being on The Real World turn you into a star?


  1. This is the world we live in. The shear fact that a decent sized percentage of the population recognize these people from TV simply makes them a “celebrity.” Basically, if somebody cared enough to commit to watch them on a show why wouldn’t they pick up a magazine to read about them. Sad, but true.

  2. Are they celebrities? No. Do they work for a VH1 reality show with other D, E or F-listers? Perhaps. We see some of the Real World cast on our television screens just as much as any other actor in a sitcom or drama series. And they play themselves on TV, that’s why many of us are drawn to them. We root for them as people, to do well. Many shows today will throw “Celebrity” in their title and we’ve Danced, Dived, Skated, Sang, and Cooked With the Stars”. Real World alum at one point were definitely reality-stars. It’s up to them to stay relevant in our eyes. Now to Evel Dick. He made a mark for himself as one of the TOP Reality show Villains of all time. It was a very smart casting choice because he knows how to make good TV.

  3. Well there are some Real World/Road Rules cast members who went on to do better jobs like Mike(RW Back to NY), Jamie (RW San Diego), Dave(RR South Pacific), Sean (RW Boston) etc. I highly doubt any of them used this show for a resume.

  4. I think it makes them a celebrity for a minute! It does make them an MTV Star Bartender, Club Host, Spring Break Host, live on your parents dime no lister ….until the next MTV casting call!!!

  5. It’s hilarious that Johnny thinks he is a household name. I literally think I know maybe 3 people who would know who he is. I am the loser among my friends who watches these stupid Challenges and no one cared much about Johnny back when he was on RW:Key West. He would be long forgotten if he didn’t keep his ugly mug on The Challenge every season. The show just isn’t THAT popular anymore anyway. I say they are probably E-list “celebrities,” one or two steps above the most famous resident of a small city no one cars about. RW/Challenge people are on the lower echelon of reality “stars,” in my opinion.

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