Format Spoiler for Challenge 26.

This post contains spoilers about the format of the upcoming Challenge. If you’re not interested in reading spoilers for the Challenge, please do no continue reading this post.

As you may know at this point, the upcoming Challenge is heavily believed to be Battle of the Exes 2. While this continues to be speculated, there may be a pivotal tweak to the format. This tweak is going to benefit some and challenge others.


Rumor has it that getting eliminated in The Dome does not mean you’re gone for good. After the first Dome the eliminated team will be exiled from the rest of the cast but not be sent home. Then, after the second Dome the second eliminated team will also be exiled.

Here’s were things get interesting. The two eliminated teams will battle. The loser of this will be sent home while the winner will remain in exile. They will face all future eliminated teams until they either get eliminated (in which case their defeater will continue in exile) or make it to the final.

The final challenge will consist of 4 teams. The 3 teams who have survived the entire Challenge (like last season) and the one team who has emerged victorious from exile. In the final, the 4th place team will leave with $0.

Here’s an example of how all of this works:

  • Dome 1: Nate & Priscilla vs. Wes & Mandi- Wes & Mandi win/ Nate & Priscilla sent to Exile
  • Dome 2: Darrell & Cara Maria vs. Jillian & Pete- Jillian & Pete win/ Darrell & Cara Maria sent to Exile
  • Exile 1: Nate & Priscilla vs. Darrell & Cara Maria- Darrell & Cara Maria win and stay in Exile/ Nate & Priscilla sent home
  • Dome 3: Wes & Casey vs. Danny & Evelyn- Wes & Casey win/ Danny & Evelyn sent to Exile
  • Exile 2: Darrell & Cara Maria vs. Danny & Evelyn- Darrell & Cara Maria win and remain in Exile/ Danny & Evelyn sent home

Hopefully that makes some sense. Additionally, it is rumored that these elimination during exile will be aired online and not part of the show, but that’s not confirmed.


5 thoughts on “Format Spoiler for Challenge 26.

  1. It kind of reminds me of the Gauntlet 2, how the captain had to keep going into elimination. I don’t like this format too much, hope it isn’t true!

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