Is a Twist Necessary for The Real World?

The rumors circulating about potential twists from Real World 30 (more on that soon), it seems that after 1 twists have become an expected component of The Real World. Of course, this is no surprise considering the fact that Ex-Plosion brought a ratings boost and production has shared the fact that they have other twists in the back pocket.


The fact is, throwing strangers into a house is not a unique concept anymore. In 1992 it certainly was, but standards for reality TV are higher (or lower, depending on who you ask) in 2014. Yet there are still Real World fans who want to see the show return to the format it used during its first 28 seasons.

The question remains whether or not the original format without a twist could sustain the show. Yes, Real World Ex-Plosion saw an increase in ratings, but the ratings were not as high as other seasons (take RW Las Vegas in 2011 for example). When the show had its original format ratings tended to fluctuate. The boost Ex-Plosion saw in ratings may be attributed to the twist, but there’s also the possibility that the original cast would have been enough to boost ratings.

Of course, it seems unlikely that season 30 will not include a twist. As I mentioned, rumors have been circulating. But I would like to know if you want to see a twist during upcoming seasons, and if you think The Real World needs the twist.


2 thoughts on “Is a Twist Necessary for The Real World?

  1. Twists aren’t really needed. They just need to do a better job casting 7 cast members. I mean everyone on Vegas 2 had something interesting about them and brought something to the show and the ratings prove it big time!

  2. I had an interview for RW recently, I don’t know if it was for season 29 or 30 but they asked me if I had a Frenemy which I thought could be a twist. But a lame one.

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