The Challenge

10 Things That Will Make You an Oddball Challenge Fan

After 25 seasons, Challenge fans have come to develop their own opinions on certain Challengers and events that have taken place. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, there are some things that would make you an outlier on the Challenge spectrum. Let’s check out some of the opinions that would make you an oddball to believe.

oddballct1. Not liking CT. It’s hard to watch the show if you’re not a CT fan. He’s always on these things.

2. Rooting for the new school. No one was rooting for Nate and Priscilla on Battle of the Exes.

3. Loving The Island. MTV just wants to forget about that season. Perhaps we all should.

oddball tj4. Disliking TJ. We’ve had 25 Challenges and he’s hosted the bulk. Almost all fans love him.

5. Rooting for Jasmine, Tyrie, or Danny J. Any faith you have in them will be lost.

6. Doubting Johnny Bananas. Even if you think he’s out of shape, he’s going to make it to the end.

oddball laurel7. Being team Laurel. When she fights with Cara Maria we usually assume Cara is in the right.

8. Thinking Real Worlders are the Strongest. Johnny, CT, Wes and Paula are from The Real World, but we all know the best of the best come from Road Rules or Fresh Meat.

9. Supporting Johnny’s partnerships. Perhaps I could get behind him and Tyler on Rivals, but we all know him and Frank has no business being Rivals.

10. Saying you’re done with the show. Once you’re hooked you’re hook for life.


  1. I only watch the show for past Real Worlders. Most people do. Especially those who watched Real World earlier on. The Challenge was a way to see your favorite cast members again on a serial basis. Now the challenge is one big sports game, so while I tune in time to time, I could care less about the challenge. I think Road Rules would have survived if they had more Real life missions. The athletic shit and docu-soap are an oxymoron at times.

  2. 1. Agree
    2. I rooted for Ty and Emily since day one of exes, I did not root for Johnny or Paula.
    3. Agree
    4. I would not say I hate TJ but I think they should find a new host.
    5. I agree with Jasmine and Tyrie. I always wanted to see Danny do well. He does great in daily challenges, never DQ on his own fault, just does terrible in eliminations.
    6. Making it to the end because he tells people he will split money with them to throw the elimination and because production gives him partners he does not deserve.
    7. Agree
    8. The exceptions of Landon, CT, and Emily.
    9. Agreed Tyler was the only real partner.
    10. 100% agreed.

  3. I found a fault with Number 7: Despite most of Laurel’s fights being irrational, I did support her during her fight with Wes, Paula, and Tyler on Rivals1.

    1. ah, we all loved that fight and everyone was rooting for laura, but she is still the hot mess from cutthroat
      i actually like jasmine, i dont put any bets on her but she adds a lot to the show
      i meh at the rookies but nate and priscilla were specially boring just like part of st thomas team in bots except marie
      i actually liked the start of the island, but without abe, rachel and cohutta it just became dull, but i must admit seeing dunbar get his key taken was one of the best things ever in the challenges
      and i am starting to dislike TJ, he needs to get over himself and add something else to the show, wouldnt mind mark replacing him

  4. Yeah I think some of these are BS.

    1. I don’t like CT.
    2.I ALWAYS root for the new school. I get tired of the same people every challenge doing the same old shit. That’s one huge problem for this show right now. I like seeing new people come in and show what they’re made of.
    3.I agree
    4.I don’t Like TJ. He has no personality as a host. They need a new one.
    5. Eh. I root for Danny Just because he’s hot.
    6.This is actually one of the main things wrong with this show.
    7.I hate Both Cara and Laurel so whatever.
    8.There are several Real World cast members that are strong competitors. Plus they tend to be more entertaining nowadays.
    9.I don’t support his partnerships. I really wish he would retire.
    10.Yeah This is true. I’ve tried to quit but I can’t. I watched this show for too long to give up now.

  5. I admit I DON’T LIKE CT. After he just trashed Leah in the Inferno, I hated him from that day on and hope the team (sorry Diem) is on loses or he goes home. I wished he was barred for life after trying to kill Adam in the Duel 2. Though now, I hope he does come back after losing Diem. Raise money for her Medgift foundation though I’m unsure he will because he might retire.

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