The Challenge

10 Challengers Who Should Come Back to Redeem Themselves

Some Challengers go out in the worst way despite a track record full of success. Occasionally, these Challengers never return to redeem their poor performance. Here’s a list of some of the Challengers who really ought to give The Challenge another shot because we know that have the potential to do well.

1. Coral Smith

redeem coral

After a series of lies and betrayals Coral quit The Gauntlet 3. She was also medically disqualified from the competition on Fresh Meat. Prior to those Challenges she had made it to 4 finals, won one, and never lost an elimination round. I’d love to see Coral come back to prove she’s still the baddest bitch on the block.

2. Darrell Taylor

In a shocking turn of events, Darrell and his partner Cara Maria were the first eliminated on Fresh Meat 2. On The Ruins he was disqualified from the game for punching Brad. Prior to that he won 4 consecutive Challenges, so I know Darrell has the potential to win again.

3. Derrick Kosinski

redeem derrickDerrick got his first Challenge victory on his sixth appearance on the show. Then he won 2 more following that. During Cutthroat, his 9th appearance, he lost right before the final. Derrick has done tons of Challenges, so it’s a shame to see him go out when he’s not on top.

4. Chet Cannon

After splitting his chin open during an elimination on Free Agents, Chet decided to leave the game to get his open flash wound taken care of. While I do understand that was a necessity, it’s not the best way to go out. Chet needs to come back and prove that he’s better than  being the first person eliminated.

5. Tina Barta

redeem tinaDespite the fact that she kicked some ass on Fresh Meat, Tina is best remembered for punching Beth in the face on The Duel. If Tina returned and could channel that aggression in the game then she’d stand a chance against some of the top dogs.

6. Frank Sweeney

After winning the first 2 eliminations on Free Agents, Frank contracted a pneumonia that sent him home. He claims that he’s done with Challenges but it would be a shame to see him go out like that. All drama aside he has shown some serious potential on all 3 of his Challenges.

7. Jenn Grijalva

redeem jennAfter getting sick right before the Rivals final, Jenn didn’t even finish half of the race before producers told her she could no longer continue. She now seems to be more active and fit than ever, yet she isn’t on the Challenge. I’d love to see her come back to represent Real World Denver… but perhaps be less of a bully this time.

8. Alton Williams

After getting frustrated with the “kids” on Battle of the Seasons Alton “lost” his first elimination. Otherwise he was known as one of the strongest competitors and was a known leader. If Alton 2.0 could return to Alton 1.0 he’d be a force on the Challenge field.

9. CJ Koegel

redeem cjAfter almost eliminated Zach in a physical competition on Battle of the Seasons, CJ proved that he has all the ability to win a Challenge. Despite his potential, he has not returned to compete again. It would suit him better to be remember as someone who won, not someone who almost did.

10. Trishelle Cannatella

I know, she quit Rivals 2. Most people are still bitter over that, but she did show that she can run a final on Battle of the Seasons. I want to see that Trishelle come back and show the new school that the old school can still throw down.


  1. Cara Maria Sorbello
    Aneesa Ferreira (she has the potential to win, I know it.)
    LaToya Jackson
    Melinda Stolp (I honestly believe she has it, but needs a team/the right partner to do it.)

    Brandon Nelson
    Marlon Williams
    Abram Boise (did he not say he’d return if Cara Maria wasn’t on the cast?)
    Danny Jamieson (same for Mel.)

  2. Chet needs to come back and prove that he’s better than being the first person eliminated. -He can’t prove that because it’s not true.

  3. Kenny and Evan really need to come back and redeem themselves too. Neither one of them looked good on Rivals.

  4. I would want to see Coral, Beth, Rachel, Tina, and Veronica back to redeem themselves.

    Coral wants to do one now, she does wants to have some friends with her and a phone to check up on her kid. It was a shame she declined before knowing that Rachel, Mark, and Aneesa were on Battle of the Exes.

    Beth has been contacted for a few challenges since the Gauntlet 3. Dropped the Duel 2 because she got pregnant and declined both Rivals and Exes. She has said she would come back.

    Rachel I feel got the short end of the stick on Exes. She was not going to win that challenge with Aneesa and lost her challenge and deserve to redeem herself.

    Tina I was shocked to see her go on Cutthroat after all these years even though it was for the one elimination and wish she let Theresa win over Tori. I am surprise she has not been back after some people do after getting into fights. Unfortunately she like Veronica and Coral want friends in the mix in order to come back.

    Veronica. Being one of the few champions I looked forward to on the Ruins and losing an elimination for the first time, having being on one of the worse challenges according to some cast members she needs to come back and show us one of the greatest political cast members the game has ever shown. After hearing the tragic news a while back I hope she will reconsider coming back if Coral, Rachel, and Tina do.

  5. Tina is completely overrated. Remember she got beat by both Tori and Theresa in the gulag when she came back to Cutthroat. And she got disqualified in the Duel, but there’s no way she would have made it past Jodi, Aneesa, Svets, or Diem.

    1. Tina was a finalist twice and was eliminated before the final of Battle of the Sexes 2 which was one of the challenges where you really had to be one of the best to make it to the end. She has proved she can be a good competitor. If she did not hit Beth on the Duel I can see her making it far. If she was to have done Pole Wrestle or Push Me it could of beat any of the females with the exceptions of Beth, Aneesa, and Jodi. She through the elimination to Tori because she thought she deserved it more.

  6. Agree with the list minus Chet. He is not challenge material and the only reason why some think he was good on seasons2 was all due to Sarah. If Sarah wasn’t on that team Brooklyn would’ve been even more terrible. enough Chet talk the guy is a quitter and just not competive or charismatic for the challenges

    1. The reason I put Chet on the list is because he clearly quit on Free Agents. Whether you agree with the reasoning or not, he quit. I do think he stood a chance against Frank, and I think he has the ability to do well.

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