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Throwback: Did Katie Deserve to Win the Inferno?

Here’s a throwback for all of the old old-school fans. The people who not only remember that Road Rules exists, but also remembers when MTV could collect an entire team of Roadies.

The time was 2004, and the show was The Inferno.The Road Rules team was kicking some serious ass, but the Real World had one glimmer of hope to win the game: Katie was still on the Road Rules team.

infernokatieThe Road Rules team were determined to get Katie eliminated from the game. Spearheaded by Veronica, they tried to throw missions so Katie could be sent into The Inferno. Despite getting Katie into The Inferno twice she was able to emerge victorious twice and sent home Julie and David. Neither competitor was the weakest link on the Real World team. In fact, you could easily argue that eliminating Julie and David weakened the Real Worlders. So by winning, Katie earned her spot on the final team and assisted the Roadies in weakening team Real World.

Of course, we can’t overlook the reason the Road Rulers were throwing missions to get rid of Katie: she was fucking awful in missions. If the missions was even slightly uncomfortable for her she’d want to give up. Her motivations were lacking and her cravings for nicotine were high. Add in the fact that she was mostly friends with people on the Real World team, and she was a detrimental factor to an otherwise flawless Road Rules team. There’s no logical reason to risk Holly, Kendal, Veronica or Christena in an Inferno when Katie was clearly performing the worst.

Ultimately, Katie won the final, but was the win deserved?


  1. Not as much as Sarah Greyson on the Gauntlet but yes Katie did deserve to win. Funny how both Sarah and Katie did terrible in challenges but did great in eliminations, making it to the final, and winning the challenge.

  2. Anyone who can go into elimination more than once and come back deserves some creditability. Also let’s not forget she played a big role helping Road Rules win the final. #Trishelle

  3. I agree with you both–Katie earned her spot in the final. She was awful in missions which costs RR mission wins and mission prize money but nothing compares to that big check at the end.

  4. Agree with everyone she deserved it. I think she did better in one on ones because she was fighting for herself, not a bullshit “team”. She’s definitely someone who gets strength from “haters” based on what we’ve seen. The more they wanted her gone the better she fought to stay.

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