The Challenge

Dullest Challenge Seasons

People tune into The Challenge for battles, drama, and competition. While some seasons are packed with action, others are seriously lacking. These are the seasons that didn’t quite meet expectations. In fact, they fell far below them.

5. Battle of the Exes

dullexesThere’s serious potential in putting 13 pairs of exes in a house, but this season didn’t meet expectations. The most notable drama was CT & Diems redundant bickering, and all of the missions were dominated by Bananas and his clique. No twists this season, and no shockers.

4. The Duel 2

dullduel2Rather than being an individual Challenge, The Duel was comprised of almost all pair missions. Apart from the first 20 minutes of the season, there was no real drama. We all knew Rachel was going to win for the girls, and we were (almost) all hoping Evan wouldn’t win for the guys.

3. The Inferno 3

dullinferno3Unlike other seasons on this list, there wasn’t great potential in this cast. A lot of the drama llamas we’d come to love were absent from this season. The missions were just alright, but the cast was lacking. I can’t say this season disappointed me because I had low expectations, but it didn’t wow either.

2. Battle of the Sexes 2

dullbotsexes2All of the fan favorites in 2004 showed up in New Mexico for Battle of the Sexes 2, and they had a merry time with each other. This produced a season with little drama and lopsided missions that favored the men. We all knew they’d win this season- and they did!!

1. Fresh Meat 2

dullfm2A season centered around Wes vs. Kenny, but Wes only survived half of the season. On top of that, neither won. There was noting great about this season. Missions were the same things we’d been seeing, casting lacked surprises, and there was not real drama. Only plus side was Landon winning.


Free Agents– We all knew Laurel was a winner from the start. Not a lot of drama this season, but at least it was a fresh format.

The Island– Full of drama, but the lack of real missions makes this a hard Challenge for me to love.

Fresh Meat– The first Fresh Meat was a major bummer when Coral and Evan had to leave. Plus, there wasn’t a lot of drama. However, Wes’s underdog story and the fact that some of the Fresh Meat turned out to be great Challengers redeemed this season.


  1. “The Ruins” was RUINED by the Champions team winning all but one mission – YAWN! There was a serious lack of drama with the entire Challengers team, save Sarah & KellyAnne dropping like flies, and we all knew that Derrick, Kenny, Evan & Johnny Bananas would dominate the whole season and all of them for the exception of Bananas (who participated in only one Ruins elimination – vs. Dunbar) making it to the final mission unscathed – YAWN!

  2. I personally loved Inferno 3. There were a lot more great parts out of it than people actually give it credit for. It’s a shame we can’t find the episodes anywhere.

    1. To be honest, I liked it as well, but I know the majority of people were underwhelmed. It was a shift at the time. People like Beth, Brad, Coral, Robin, and almost Derrick were absent and they were the staples of the time. It was a shift and a risky move that didn’t really pay off.

  3. I really liked Fresh Meat 2 and The Island. I think The Duel was really lame though. The challenges and the final were such a joke compared to what they do now. Best part was Beth getting punched. And FYI Inferno 3 is on dailymotion for free. Great season.

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