Real World Skeletons

Real World: Skeletons to Premiere December 16th

Ready for the new Real World season? The announcement we’ve been waiting for was posted on yesterday and the twist for season 30 of The Real World has been revealed!

Cast member Bruno and the brother he’s been ignoring

Season 30 has earned the subtitle “Skeletons.” Why? Because each cast member has a number of secrets that will resurface during the filming of the show. This gives the cast an opportunity to deal with their painful past, and the audience gets the opportunity to watch.

No secrets are off limits. Pictured above is Bruno, whose broth Briah shows up after the two went three years without speaking. Other secrets include a cyber bully who comes face-to-face with her victims, a secret baby mama showing up, a terrible boss reunited with her least favorite employee, and a father meeting his child for the first time.

This season returns to Tuesday nights, a timeslot held by The Real World for years prior to the Hollywood season. The first episode premieres on December 16th at 10 PM EST.


  1. I’m not too thrilled that Real World is changing, however, I do like the cyber bully concept. The baby mama will be too much drama, in my opinion.

  2. Putting a drug addict girl facing the people she screw over her addiction is way to much…but it’s going to work for reality TV

    1. I see where you’re coming from, but I really like this twist. You can’t run from your problems forever… and this show is going to force the cast to face their “past” while they’re still young. I bet a few of them will be happy that had this experience with so much of their lives head of them because this twist has the potential to mend broken ties.

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