Real World Las Vegas 2

Mike Ross From Real World Las Vegas Gets Married!

Mike “Mike Mike” Ross from the 2011 Real World Las Vegas season is now a married man! Like a true MTV alum, the wedding took place in Laguna Beach. The joyous occasion resulted in a mini Vegas reunion, plus Mike’s friend Laurel who he met on Rivals.

Here’s some pics from the wedding thanks to our favorite Instagrammer Nany!

Screenshot_11NanAdam, Nany, Cooke, and Leroy. All of the Vegas guests.

Screenshot_12Nany and Mike Mike!

Screenshot_7Adam, Leroy, the bride, and the groom!

Screenshot_8Cooke and Nany, stars of Rivals 2!

Screenshot_9The Vegas kids, the bride, and Laurel making an appearance.

Screenshot_10Perhaps the most awkward photo taken from the evening. The team that should have been.

Heather, Dustin, and Mike’s first wife Naomi were missing.


  1. Good for him, I really wish he did another challenge hopefully if they do another Battle of the Seasons. You can really see how Real World and Road Rules castmembers have grown and moved on. A lot of engagements and marriages recently Mike R, Mike Miz, Erika, Janelle, Paula, Chet, Sarah R. Also nice addition of adding “Mike’s first wife Naomi”.

  2. When I heard Erika and Ashley L from RW DC got engaged it made me sad that we will never see them on a challenge. Hopefully with Chet, Paula, and Sarah getting married they will stay away from the challenges.

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