Diem Brown Looking for Support in Battle With Cancer

Diem posted some upsetting news on her Twitter today. It seems that her aggressive cancer has left her doctors without hope and they are abandoning her in her time of need:

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.50.24 PMDiem states that she believes in the power of prayer, so sending her your love would be greatly appreciated. She always maintains a positive attitude, but her recent cancer battle has been a serious test for her. Despite the fact that bad news continues to roll in Diem states that she is a fighter and will continue to battle her cancer.

Diem also suggested contacting her friend Alicia Quarles with any suggestions. She’s committed to fighting, but needs any support she can get. Please keep her in your thoughts during this challenging time.


One thought on “Diem Brown Looking for Support in Battle With Cancer

  1. I’m so incredibly sad to hear this morning that Diem has passed away. I honestly have rarely felt this way about a celebrity’s passing but, maybe because of the nature of the shows Diem has been on, it felt like I was able to see firsthand what a strong, cheerful, and beautiful person she was. RIP Diem. I hope you are free to run without pain now.

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