Real World Skeletons Cast Oldest In Real World History

The Real World has seen many changes over time, but for its first 26 season it sought to cast a group of adults aged 18+. After a while the age bracket changed to 18-24. After the second San Diego season the age bracket changed to 21-24, and shortly after after changed to young adults who “appeared to be” aged 21-24.

priscilla_1Pictured here is Priscilla from 2011’s Real World: San Diego. You may remember he from the 15 minutes of air time she got on that season or the 90 seconds of air time she received on Battle of the Exes. Despite her less-than-memorable presence on her seasons, she will likely be the last teenager to ever appear on The Real World. Her age actually posed a problem on Real World: San Diego when production stopped her from partying with the cast because she was underage. This was a far cry from 2004’s San Diego season when Cameran got busted for using a fake ID and production just shrugged it off and let her continue to party with the cast.

Real World: Ex-Plosion featured the oldest cast member The Real World cast in about 2 decades when Jay appeared on the show at age 26. Then Jenny’s ex Brian came onto the show at age 27, but he was part of a twist and not an initial cast member.

On Real World: Skeletons, the entire cast is 23 or older, with the oldest cast member being Tony who’s 26. Of course, this will allow the entire cast to party freely, but it also introduces a cast who is old enough to all be college grads. It seems to indicated that the twists are becoming a more important element of The Real World than the development of the young adults in the house.

I’ve accepted the fact that production wants a cast who can legally drink, but it seems unusual that everyone on this cast is at least 2 years older than the minimum drinking age. What do you think?


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