MTV Stars Pay Tribute to Diem

Over the past few days the Challenge community has been saddened by the loss of Diem. She touched the lives of many of the Challengers and upon hearing the news of her passing they were quick to post memories on social media. I wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate her life by sharing some of the memories that have been posted online. It is clear that her impact extends far beyond what we see on TV:

(note, some post can be enlarged by clicking them)


tributediem4tributediem11tributediem15tributediem8*TJ Lavin reposted this on Instagram and made his Twitter picture a picture of Diem on the day of her passing.


tributediem6tributediemtributediem5tributediem9And of course, I want to show a special respect for the man who was with her throughout her whole fight…


2 thoughts on “MTV Stars Pay Tribute to Diem

  1. There was a article that posted that the funeral happened today in NYC. A lot of RW/RR/FM cast members attended. CT, Evan, Kenny, Johnny D, Wes, Laurel, Ruthie, Johanna, Ev, Ashley K, Ace, Paula, Kellyanne, Cara Marie, Aneesa, Camilla, and many more.

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