Friends & Family Pay Final Respects to Diem

The busy city of New York paused for a moment today to pay respects to Diem Brown. On Friday the entire Challenge community mourned as news on Diem’s passing broke, but all were quick to remember her lively spirit and ability to rise to all challenges.

diem-brown-1-300Today’s funeral service was attended by her family and friends, many of whom she met on The Challenge. According to Us Weekly, among those in attendance were: CT, Johnny Bananas, Aneesa, Kenny, Evan, Cara Maria, Laurel, Ace, Mark, Ruthie, Paula and Johanna.

Of course, the service was met with many tears, but there were also laughs and smiles at everyone remembered all of Diem’s courageous and funny moments. The eulogy, delivered by younger sister Megan, highlighted Diem’s personality through some of her most memorable moments.

Throughout the service, it was clear that Diem’s spirit was alive and well. She was buried next to her mother who passed away 15 years ago.

Diem will always be remembered as a fighter by day, dancer by night, and inspiration for life.

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