Diem Brown

MTV To Honor Diem On Upcoming Special

Diem has always had a home on MTV, and the network has done a good job of paying tribute to her since passing. They recently announced that they will be airing a special entitled “We ❤ Diem.” Further, Brittany Baldi from Are You the One confirmed the special on Twitter:

diemweheartIn her tweet she give the time of 9 PM CST, which will likely translate to 10 PM EST.

No word yet on what, or who, will be presenting during the special, but rumor has it a few of her friends have been contacted.

I’m glad to see this happening. I know this is not a special that MTV is doing for ratings. They have had a long standing respect for Diem and this goes to show it.

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  1. I hope they get people from all her seasons! Glad they’re doing it, and not right after her passing, Hope they still put some stuff on the Challenge.

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