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10 Real Worlders Who Could Have Had Skeletons

Recently posted an article on previous Real Worlders with Skeletons. While all of these cast members certainly had secrets, not every “skeleton” listed would have fit the mold of the upcoming season. Seriously, it’s not like Frankie’s cystic fibrosis would have made her any enemies. So here are some former cast members who would have had people that could have appeared as Skeletons:

Dustin: Real World Las Vegas

26dustinSkeleton: His Past “Lover”

Dustin shocked his cast when his secret came out: he used to star in homoerotic videos. While the actual content was subject for debate, there’s not doubt that his films were intended to a gay audience. Bringing in one of his partners from time in his life would likely cause some shock in the house.


Cory: Real World Ex-Plosion

secretcorySkeleton: The Girl He Knocked Up

When his ex Lauren revealed she was pregnant, Cory recalled a time when one of his one night stands revealed she was pregnant. In reality, it was a hoax, but it shook Cory’s world and test his relationship with Lauren. If that girl entered the house, all hell would have broken loose.


Sam: Real World San Diego

secretsamSkeleton: A Stolen Girlfriend

Sam was known for her androgynous appearance on Real World San Diego and for hanging with the bros. She claims she is able to steal girlfriends, and on the San Diego season she is seen hitting on straight girls. Her skeleton would likely be a girl who thought she was making out with a boy.


Isaac: Real World Sydney

Real World - Sydney - Isaac - MTVSkeleton: His High School Homies

It’s hard to believe this, but when Isaac was in his early teens he was thrown in juvie for breaking into houses. He has since cleaned up his act, but it seems unlikely that all of his old friends have found such a clean path in life. Perhaps he’d be a positive influence if this skeleton entered the house.



Steven: Real World Las Vegas

secretsstevenSkeleton: His Ex-Wife

Steven has plenty of skeletons in his closet. By the time he was 23 and a Real World roommate he had worked at a gay bar (despite being straight) and gotten divorced. While rebounding from this failed relationship he was hooking up with Trishelle. If his ex-wife walked into house, he’d have a lot of explaining to do.



Tyler: Real World Key West

secrettylerSkeleton: His Competition

As a gymnast and swimmer, Tyler aspired to make it to the Olympics until an accident stopped his dreams. While he seems to have found success in certain areas, it’s unlikely that he doesn’t harbor some resentment toward his competition that got to live out the dreams he saw slip away.



Adam: Real World Las Vegas

adamsecretSkeleton: His Old Business Partners

Adam has quite the shocking past under his belt after being arrest as a teenager for dealing drugs and participation in a shooting. Despite turning his life around, his past started to haunt him during his Vegas season. Bringing back one of his old friends might show him that he made the right choices in life, or lead him down a bad path.

Emily: Real World DC

secretemilySkeleton: A Member of Her Cult

Growing up, Emily’s family lived in a highly religious community that she described to be cult-like. As an adult, she escaped this lifestyle and embraced freedom of thought. While she never seemed religious during her season, she seemed to have miscommunication with her religious family members. It would be interesting to see her interact with an old friend who was still highly religious.

Marlon: Real World Portland

secretmarlonSkeleton: His Male Hookup

Marlon shocked his roommates when he revealed that he had hooked up with another man. While he insisted that his preference still lied in females, it would be interested to see if his previous hookup sparked any lingering emotions,



Nany: Real World Las Vegas

secretnanySkeleton: Her Half-Sister

Growing up, Nany never knew her father. During the Vegas season she explored her past by trying to locate her father, only to discover he had passed away years earlier. Despite the loss, she also learned she had a half sister. It would be interesting to see how Nany would embrace this new presence in her life.



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