5 Reasons to Watch Real World Skeletons

Excited for Real World Skeletons? I hope your answer is yes! However, I know there are some people out there that just don’t care. If you’re one of those poor souls, I’m here to provide you with 5 reasons to get into the new Real World seasons!

rwskels1. The Cast is Hot!- Looking at this cast, I see someone for everyone. Whether you’re into muscles or manicured toes, you’ll probably be attracted to someone on the cast.

2. They’re in Chicago- Chicago is a fun city, and we haven’t seen a Real World cast here since 2001. It will bring a different vibe than any of the cities we’ve seen on recent seasons, so that’s something fun.

3. There Will Be Drama- If there was ever a season designed to bring out the worst in people, this is it. We’ll see tear, fights, and maybe even some reconciliations.

4. They’ll End Up on The Challenge- If you’re a Challenge fan you’re going to want to get to know these kids because they’re going to be on the show at some point. If you’re anything like me you start to compare the Real Worlders to Challengers as the season is airing.

5. The Twist- OK, here’s the obvious by most exciting reason to watch- the skeletons twist! This will bring someone of the most intense confrontations we’ve ever seen on The Real World, and that should be reason enough to watch.


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