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Real World Rankings: Seasons 20-29

With the premier of Real World Skeletons, The Real World will be entering its thirties! In its twenties The Real World saw some great success as well as some pretty bad failures. During these ten seasons which aired from 2008-2014 The Real World gained some viewers and lost some viewers, all while adding some interesting characters to the family. Let’s check out how the seasons rank.

10. Real World San Diego

30sandiegoPerhaps the least likable cast in Real World history, this seasons was centered around Frank’s freak-outs, Frank being upset that Zach and Ashley were separated from the group, and Frank coming out of the closet. When compared to the original San Diego season this season was a huge decline.

9. Real World D.C.

30dcFilmed in DC in 2009, AKA the least interesting time to be in DC. Obama had settled into office, but the next election was still years away, so this season did a very poor job capitalizing on its environment. As a viewer, I was completely uninterested in the cast. I wanted to care, but I just couldn’t. The season centered around Andrew trying to get laid, Mike coming out, and Emily & Ty’s love/abuse relationship.

8. Real World St. Thomas

30stthomasI feel this cast would have been much more interesting if they weren’t secluded onto an island and could easily interact with the general public. In the end, this season turned into prank wars and in-house-hook-ups. Both plots lines were drawn way too far out.

7. Real World Portland

30portlandThis season has some really interesting episodes and some terribly boring ones. Johnny & Averey’s relationship started out cute but turned into an endless circle of bickering and hooking up. Marlon’s secret was slated to be a highlight of the season, but really had little baring on the show’s plot. Of course there was Jordan’s arguing and which both revolting and entertaining at the same time. And then there’s Nia, rate her as you please.

6. Real World Cancun

30cancunReal World Cancun was really one big promotion for Student City, as the cast worked for the vacation company who restricted their ability to enjoy their environment. This was also the most involved any of the Real World casts were with their jobs, so that was a recurring plot line. This season was mostly marked by the divide between the males and the females, with Jonna diddling dabbling on both sides. Of course, unity was restored on the final episode when Joey slept with Ayiiia.

5. Real World Brooklyn

30brooklynReal World Brooklyn is about as close to the original Real World seasons as we’re ever going to see again. Focusing on real issues, some that we’ve never seen before, this season focused less on partying and more on self development. There was Katelynn’s coming to terms with her gender identity, Ryan, adapting to life after Iraq only to find out he has to return, and a slew of cast members trying to pursue their dreams while in Brooklyn.

4. Real World Hollywood

30hollywoodThe Hollywood season showcased the best and the worst of The Real World, dealing with the very real issue of Joey’s addiction and the very fake drama Greg brought into the house. Along the way there were crushes, fighting, and even a previous Real Worlder trying to extend her 15 minutes on the D-List. It was a good season though.

3. Real World Ex-Plosion

30explosionThe first Real World season with a twist, and it worked. Bringing in (almost) everyone’s exes led to a season filled with drama, romance, and fighting. This season proved that The Real World still has life in it, and it looks like the twists are here to stay.

2. Real World New Orleans

30NOLAReal World New Orleans ended up being one of the most enjoyable and crazy Real World seasons. Focusing mostly on the budding romance between Knight and Jemmye and the rivalry between Ryan and Preston, this season managed to get viewers to fall in love with the cast and cheer when Ryan got the boot.

1. Real World Las Vegas

30lasvegasLet’s be real, how could this not be #1? This season had everything: many romances, many rivals, and jaw dropping secrets. Between Adam going crazy at the sight of alcohol, Dustin’s big secret, or Cooke wedging in between Dustin & Heather’s romance, every episode was as engaging as the last.


  1. Good article! Here’s my list
    10. Brooklyn
    9. B2 San Diego
    8. DC
    7. St. Thomas
    6. Portland
    5. Cancun
    4. B2 New Orleans
    3. Ex-Plosion
    2. Hollywood
    1. B2 Las Vegas

    And BTW while these new twists on Real World are great and all, they aren’t totally needed. The original Real World format can still work like B2 Las Vegas showed. BMP just needs to find seven people with interesting life stories and backgrounds.

  2. whered you find that st thomas cast pic? havent seen it before

    DC would have been better with better editing and less focus on melodrama.

    Exposion wasn’t just the twist, but the refreshing takedown of the fourth wall

  3. 1. Las Vegas
    2. New Orleans
    3. Ex-Plosion
    4. Hollywood
    5. DC
    6. Brooklyn
    7. Cancun
    8. Portland
    9. St Thomas
    10. San Diego

    I think it comes down to the background stories of the cast members. San Diego, St Thomas, Portland, and Cancun never seemed to have the backgrounds stories that came with the Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Ex-Plosion had.

  4. My list excluding Cancun and New Orleans, because I never saw those seasons.
    1. Las Vegas (I might be biased because that was my first season, but i LOVED it)
    2. Brooklyn ( I LOVED the storylines and the cast, disliked the boys vs girls drama)
    3. Hollywood ( Good overall, liked Joey’s story)
    4. DC (Very likable cast, although alittle boring at times)
    5. Portland (exciting season, but alot of the cast was very unlikable and annoying)
    6. Ex-Plosion (I loved them breaking the fourth wall, but the twist got annoying toward the end, and I hated the OGs minus Arielle and Jenny).
    7. St Thomas ( Had alot of potential, but the storyline being entirely based on romance made me lose interest)
    8. San Diego ( I just couldn’t get into this season, the cast had bad chemistry)

  5. For real? SD2 was incredibly dark and twisty and interesting, DC resembled old seasons just as much as Brooklyn did, and Portland had an interesting group with some good plot lines. 2009 was as good a time as any to film in DC, what with the post-Obama era of good feelings, and the cast (particularly Mike) seemed pretty involved in that culture.

    My personal list would be:

    10. Ex-Plosion
    9. St. Thomas
    8. Las Vegas
    7. Cancun
    6. Hollywood
    5. Portland
    4. New Orleans
    3. San Diego
    2. DC
    1. Brooklyn

    1. yes. DC did have the old school feel to it. however the cast was VERY boring, and the only ones who sparked interest was Ty, Emily, and somewhat Mike (for the more mature times).

      San Diego, meh the saving grace for that Season was the Gay Pride. the cast was very unlikable. not boring but unlikeable .

      Portland was TOO inconsistent and never had one good plot line outside of the arrival of Nia.

  6. In my opinion 10.SanDiego2 9.St.Thomas 8.Hollywood 7.Brooklyn 6.Cancun 5.LasVegas 4.NewOrleans 3.DC 2.Explosion 1.Portland

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