Ratings Real World Skeletons

Real World Skeletons: Episode 1 Ratings

Great news! This seasons has premiered to the lowest numbers on record.

According to a comment on TVByTheNumbers, not even the real list, Real World Skeletons was viewed by 654,000 viewers and received a 0.3 in the 18-49 demographic. The show also received a 0.5 in the 12-34 demographic (a more important demo for MTV).

What did they expect? Promotion wasn’t great. They ran a bunch of commercials on MTV but MTV has no shows that people watch anymore. Plus the first episode features no skeletons, and the only thing they promote are the skeletons.


  1. I’m way overthinking this… but here’s my issue with Skeletons (and Explosion, too) –

    I’ve always had respect for Real World. I know how crazy that sounds considering it’s largely about hook ups, make outs, black outs, hot tubs, etc. but the very idea of filming a group of people 24/7 for 3-5 months and then editing that down to 13 hours of storyline is insanely ambitious IMHO. Other reality shows have the luxury of a format. Tribal council, a game, a vote, a weigh-in, teams, etc. It’s a lot easier to decide what’s going to happen in your one-hour episode when you know the pieces you ahv to include, and then you build a story round that. (And one of the reasons reality shows tend to be so predictable. Oh, what? You’re starting off with a certain chefs rough rise to the top? So that means he’s likely getting kicked off tonight, or winning right?)

    Anyway, I just feel like the Explosion and Skeletons structure gives RW editors a chance to be a little lazy with their storytelling. They HAVE to work that backstory in. They HAVE to get people to talk about that in confessionals and conversations. Yes, there is still a LOT of footage they’re working with, and yes, they still have to craft stories as they unfold in the house. I’m not saying their job is easy or that they’re lazy storytellers…. just a little lazier than they used to be. So, it’s disappointing to me, an avid watcher/fan that used to really respect what RW was doing.

    That’s my rant. The end.

  2. If they were to of casted people with better background stories and stopped casting people who look like models and athletes because in the real world not everyone is a model or athlete.

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