Can Johnny & Averey Survive the Challenge?

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Everyone is paired with their “ex” this season, but there’s one team that is struggling more than the others and that’s Johnny and Averey. On Real World Portland they were inseparable, but by the time Johnny was on Free Agents their relationship had crumbled. Averey insists that she never cheated despite being in some questionable circumstances, but there’s no doubt that Johnny cheated with Nany on Free Agents (after Averey was in these questionable circumstances).

Now, they’re barely talking yet they have to compete together. Individually, we know Johnny is a solid competitor and Averey has shown potential. They were able to pull out a victory in the Banded Together elimination. In this elimination the two essentially worked separately and didn’t have to communicate with each other to get the victory.

However, when communication and coordination was an essential factor (as we saw in the Rounding the Bases challenge) Johnny and Averey can’t get their act together. As the game progresses, it seems certain that challenges will require those two qualities. If they want to make it further in the game they should be working on their relationship. Despite this need, the two seem as drawn apart as ever. They refuse to talk to each other in the house and this hostility is starting to affect their game.

Do you thank they can get their act together and win the game?


2 thoughts on “Can Johnny & Averey Survive the Challenge?

  1. I agree that they don’t get along and they have probably the biggest differences compared to the other pairs, but I honestly feel like they are one of the stronger teams. Averey proved herself especially in the first challenge being one of four girls to make it across. Also, the Rounding the Bases challenge didn’t involve hardly any communication (at least the round they got out in), they strictly could not suck and blow the card as good as everyone else.

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