Diem: A Life In Hairstyles

I’ve wanted to make this post for a while now. The idea probably popped into my head around the end of Rivals 2, but now seems like a more appropriate time than ever since we are going to have a difficult episode of Exes 2 air this week.

Over the years, we have gotten to know many characteristics of Diem. As she went through changes in her life, she also changed her hair. Whether by choice or by necessity, Diem always appeared on The Challenge with something different on her head. Here’s a glimpse at the life of Diem and the hairstyles she wore along the way.

The Blonde Bombshell

281x211It’s hard to remember the time when we first met Diem as a member of the Fresh Meat cast, but when she first danced her way onto our screens she had flowing blonde hair.

The Not-So-Natural-Blonde


When Diem returned for The Duel, she still had long hair, but it wasn’t her long hair. After her first battle with ovarian cancer she lost her hair for the first time and resorted to wearing wigs for a while.

The G.I. Jane

imagesRemoving her wig for the first time, we saw Diem’s barely-there-hair. But CT broke the ice by encouraging her to take off her wig and saying she looked like a sexy G.I. Jane

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 8.45.19 PMThe Cara Maria

A9kXsH9CAAA_O0HRemember the random confessional Diem did during The Duel with hair that was Cara Maria red? No? Well it happened.

The Diem in the PM

l_8329d882127cf219bda0ba6ea6cd8790The only good thing about wearing a wig? Being able to change your hair for any given event. So when Diem went dancing on The Duel she had a wig to match her outfit.

The Au Naturale

_DSC4624I always forget that Diem was on The Gauntlet 3, but she was, and she was rocking this mid-length due as her hair started to grow back.

The New Beginnings In New Zealand

DSC7028theduel2-1416499908Diem appeared on The Duel 2 and embraced a lot of changes in her life. She was single, career focused, and her hair was once again as long as it was prior to losing it.

The Far East Movement

Screenshot_19When Diem appeared for The Ruins, she once again had long hair. In this photo she has added some flowers to embrace her Thai surroundings.

The Rapunzel

Screenshot_20Diem’s hair was at its longest on Battle of the Exes. On this Challenge Diem confidently showed she was back and stronger than ever.

The Polar Plunge

diempolarWhile I doubt Diem even missed being bald, on hair at grown so long by the time she appeared in the Exes final she had to braid it to keep it from getting in her way.

The Round 2

diem-brown-3-600After Exes, Diem was diagnosed with ovarian cancer for the second time. Once again, chemo took her hair. This time she was unashamed and shared her battle with the world via her blog on People.com.

The Pink Panther

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 8.43.36 PMAfter defeating cancer for a second time, Diem returned to appeared on Rivals 2. In her cast photo she wore a playful pink wig.

The Return of Jane

diem-brown-1When the challenges came on Rivals 2, Diem proudly wore her short hair.

The Long Story Short

Diem+Brown+Aneesa+Ferreira+Challenge+Rivals+PoGRKMAHJx3lAfter her appearance on Rivals 2, Diem never felt the need to cover up. She made all public appearances with short hair and styled it differently as it grew.

The Derby Diem

0Here’s a fun picture of Diem taken shortly before she filmed Exes 2. While she wasn’t trying to hide her hair, she was wearing a hat suitable for the Kentucky Derby.

The Shoulder Length

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.13.39 PMOn Exes 2, Diem’s hair was down to her shoulders. She appeared blonde as ever and happy as ever.

The Best Look: Confidence

diem-brown-02-600The ultimate message Diem’s hair has sent to the public is happiness is your own choice. Don’t let your hair hold you back. Whether you’re blonde, brunette, or bald, rock whatever is atop your head. Never feel ashamed for being different and never judge someone for their hairstyle because you don’t know that person’s story.

3 thoughts on “Diem: A Life In Hairstyles

  1. She was always so gorgeous regardless of her hair, but she took my breath away on Exes 2 (her last challenge) because she was so damn radiant. RIP stunning and kind lady.

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