Battle of the Exes 2 The Challenge

Exes That Still Need to Compete

Both seasons of Battle of the Exes have been an explosion of drama and emotions. By rekindling flames, production has brought out the best and worst in the cast. Of course, many of these couples aren’t real. They’re either rumored couples, one night stands, or made up. Nobody wants to see people who are “exes” just because they weren’t a perfect match in the Truth Booth. We want people were are an item for at least a season, and here are some options MTV just couldn’t obtain.

Danny & Melinda

xsdannymelOf course the fan want to see our favorite divorcees, even if we know they’re going to lose The Challenge (like they always do). They were contacted for both seasons, but scheduling prevented the pair from appearing. They not opposed to working together (they did on Battle of the Seasons), but MTV is no longer the center of their lives. However, I wouldn’t completely rule them out for Exes 3.

Jenny & Cory

xsjennycoryAfter Real World Ex-Plosion, it seemed like Jenny was the obvious choice for a contender on Battle of the Exes, and of course fans wanted to see Cory by her side. Then, she declines The Challenge. Unlike most people on this list, she was only eligible for Exes 2, but it’s such an obvious loss that MTV should have know casting for this season would be rough.

Kellyanne & Cohutta (or Wes)

xscohutkellyKellyanne is the perfect contender for Exes, and Cohutta would be an easy partner for her to have because he wouldn’t bring the baggage that Wes would bring for her. Of course, when she’s offered to be on The Challenge she declines, leaving poor Cohutta as an alternate cast member.

Abe & Coral

xsabecoralWe all want Coral to do another Challenge and it kills me to know she was considering doing the first exes alongside Abe. Of course, she didn’t do it, and Abe had to compete with his girlfriend ex Cara Maria. Not that I’m complaining about Cara, but Abe and Coral would have been an epic team.

Landon & Shavonda

xslandonshauvondaA loving pair on Real World Philadelphia, the two barely spoke on The Inferno 2. Apparently they were considered for Battle of the Exes 1, but someone didn’t want to compete. Still, with the power of Lando Commando they should know that the Challenge is easy money.

Someone From St. Thomas

xsstthomasReal World St. Thomas was basically a show about stir-crazy roommate fucking, so it seems obvious that Robb & Marie and Trey & Laura appear on Battle of the Exes. While there were some trouble with getting Robb and Marie, Laura and Trey got pass on for John & Simone.

Paula & Mike Mike

xsmikepaulaAfter chasing each other on Rivals, Mike & Paula definitely caught the attention of fans. Out of all of her potential “exes,” Mike was easily the nicest (and weakest) partner for Paula. It would have been nice to see exes who are interesting but nice people.

Johanna & Wes (or Kenny)

xsjowesEveryone knows Johanna is perfect for Battle of the Exes, but she refuses to do another Challenge, especially with Wes. I get that it would be hard for those two to get along, but they’d be a power team.

Jenn & Adam

xsjennadamAdam claims he had been crushing on Jenn for years when they both appeared on Rivals, and Jenn gave him an emotional bitchslap by saying she has to be black-out-drunk before even considering him. While they’d make a funny exes duo, it’s also unlikely Jenn will do another Challenge.

Joey & Ayiiia

xsjoeyayiiiiiiiiI know I said no one wants to see one-night-stands as exes, but this is probably the one exception. After spending most of his time in Cancun taunting Ayiiia, Joey returned at the end of the season and slept with her. They were asked for the first Exes, but Joey was expecting a child so couldn’t compete.

Zach & Ashley

xszachashleyOK, so I do consider Zach and Jonna to be a real pair of exes. However, people were scratching their heads when Nate and Priscilla were selected to compete over these two on the original Battle of the Exes. They still would have made a good pair for the second seasons.

Nany & Adam

xsnanyadamOriginally slated to appear on the first exes, Adam was too crazy to compete so production booted the team. I’m sure fans would have been excited to see Nany with a real ex on Exes 2 instead of her made up pairing with Bananas. Even if Adam didn’t work out, Cohutta would have been a better choice for her.

BONUS: Everyone would to see the original Challenge drama couple Mike & Trishelle compete on Battle of the Exes, but we all know Mike is too famous to come back now. *sigh*


  1. If they wanted are you the one? Why didnt they go with Chris T and Shanley? They are real exes that hate each other and they are the most pipular relationship from that show

  2. Susie and Timmy would be a great pairing (I think timmy officially retired though), they were engaged, two cast members beloved by challenge fans.

  3. It would have been nice with the Ex-Polsion cast to bring the two exes that never made it (I.e. Ashley’s ex and Jamie’s ex) because Jamie would think she is partnered with Tom but then Cameran shows up. The way she acted on her season seems like they could be very dramatic. And even though he declined doing the real world out of respect for Jamie I think putting money on the line will definitely Bringet him on.

    1. Like most of the female cast of the Ruins Johanna did not like the conditions and the crews treatment of the cast Also she got married which is probably another factor. Jenn I am not 100% sure but a reason might be that she did not like the way she was portrayed on Rivals.

  4. I just came across this. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. It’s so annoying. I want to see real exes not these made up teams. I was really hoping Danny and Melinda would be on this season. Not only are they exes, they are divorcees. Watching them would make some great TV. Dustin and Heather competed on the first exes when they were actually still a couple. They should have been paired on this one now that they are broken up. MTV needs to get it together with the casting. Hope there is eventually an Exes 3.

    1. There are a few people who were begged by production. Heather is one of them, and she never caved. Jenny is another.

      Then there’s people like Averey and Diem who initially said no but changed their minds.

  5. Trishelle could partner up with Adam from RR Quest or Steven but I doubt Steven wants to do another challenge.

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