Ten Sloppiest Rookie Debuts

There’s one thing every Challenger has in common: they were once rookies. Some people shine during their rookie seasons, while other get the boot quickly. Some of our sloppiest competitors have been the first people to get the boot, leaving a big impact in a single episode. Here, I am going to look at some of our messiest first-boots on The Challenge. To be considered … Continue reading Ten Sloppiest Rookie Debuts

Ten Challengers Robbed of a Chance to Redeem Themselves

It seems like we see the same people over and over on The Challenge. While new faces are introduced each season, many of them are eliminated and never return. Sometimes returning Challengers end their careers in bogus ways and are never able to appear again, leaving fans wondering if they’re truly terrible or just a victim of bad circumstance. Here are ten Challengers who I … Continue reading Ten Challengers Robbed of a Chance to Redeem Themselves

31 Most Memorable Real Worlders

Last year, when Real World Skeletons was about to debut, I took a look at the most forgettable Real Worlders. As we approach the next Real World season, it’s time to look at the most memorable Real Worlders. These are the people who defined the show, made it worth watching, and most importantly have paved the path for future seasons. This list is based entirely … Continue reading 31 Most Memorable Real Worlders

Exes That Still Need to Compete

Both seasons of Battle of the Exes have been an explosion of drama and emotions. By rekindling flames, production has brought out the best and worst in the cast. Of course, many of these couples aren’t real. They’re either rumored couples, one night stands, or made up. Nobody wants to see people who are “exes” just because they weren’t a perfect match in the Truth … Continue reading Exes That Still Need to Compete

10 Real Worlders Who Could Have Had Skeletons

Recently MTV.com posted an article on previous Real Worlders with Skeletons. While all of these cast members certainly had secrets, not every “skeleton” listed would have fit the mold of the upcoming season. Seriously, it’s not like Frankie’s cystic fibrosis would have made her any enemies. So here are some former cast members who would have had people that could have appeared as Skeletons: Dustin: … Continue reading 10 Real Worlders Who Could Have Had Skeletons