The Challenge Renewed for Season 27!

In case no one told you, The Challenge has been renewed for its 27th season.


No word yet on the format of the season, but fans have been speculating for quite a while. Many view the resurgence of a select few veterans as an indicator that the older generation will be making an appearance.

In addition to The Challenge, Are You the One is being renewed for a third season. No word yet on The Real World, but this season has been receiving better ratings than The Challenge so renewal seems plausible.

Of course, I will update when more info for The Challenge becomes available.

13 thoughts on “The Challenge Renewed for Season 27!

  1. I really hope it’s another ruins! Mark has been saying if it is that, he’d likely do it. I hope they keep Are You the One off, although I doubt it.

  2. Unless some new format is conceived, it will likely be a sequel to a previous season. If 30 people are cast, it could be “Cutthroat II.” If only 13 people are cast, it could be “Fresh Meat III,” though it would mark the second consecutive season to feature male/female teams. Otherwise, we could be looking at a “Free Agents II” or FINALLY “The Duel III.” I don’t think enough new rivalries or exes have formed to warrant a third installment of Rivals or Battle of the Exes, and the latter can DEFINITELY be ruled out.

    1. I think Free Agents is probably the closest thing we’re gonna get to Duel 3, but Free Agents 2 would be possible. Probably not this soon though.

  3. It obviously won’t be Rivals 3 or Battle of the Exes 3 due to them being recent. With duel 3, they considered Free Agents a similar version of Duel 3 so thats out for now. Fresh Meat 3 very unlikely due to them bring in Are You The One? cast. So a team type of challenge is most likely for next season. Ruins 2 saw the champions dominate pretty much the whole season but I give it a higher possibility. Cutthroat 2 would probably be the favorite at the moment. Another strong possibility is Battle of the Seasons 2. Since the last BOTS, we’ve seen 3 more seasons appear and you could bring in cast on seasons that were not part of the first BOTS and you could bring in cast from AYTO. I have a different idea for teams. How about teams of 3? We’ve seen pairs, individuals, and large teams, why not spice it up and do a team of 3? Perhaps all male, all female, 2 guys 1 girl, 1 guy 2 girls? What do you guys think?

    1. I wouldn’t rule out Rivals 3.Two seasons (Exes 1 and Seasons) separated the first and second Rivals seasons. Free Agents and Exes 2 have aired since Rivals 2.

      With this said, I don’t think it will be Rivals, but I could be wrong.

    2. I would not rule out “The Ruins II,” though the following people who have won a challenge in recent seasons would have to be cast (assuming that there are 14 champions and 14 challengers):

      MALE CHAMPIONS: Zach, Wes, CT, Bananas, Tyler, Dunbar, at least one “old school” player and/or the winner of “Battle of the Exes II,” assuming that it is **NOT** Bananas. Frank (RW: San Diego 2011) can be ruled out, as he indicated that “Free Agents” would be his last challenge.

      FEMALE CHAMPIONS: Laurel, Camila, Paula, Emily, Ashley (RW: San Diego 2011), the winner of “Battle of the Exes II” and at least one “old school” player, maybe Rachel. I would not cast Sam (RW: San Diego 2011), as she is worthless.

      1. You also don’t have to do a Ruins with challengers and champions. It could be another two team theme, same format/name.

      2. Sam isn’t worthless. She probably will NEVER do another challenge because of the way Zach and Frank treated her.

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