Challenge 27: Let the Rumors Begin!

We know that the next Challenge season has been confirmed, and cast members have started to get contacted for weeks now.

I am going to be sharing some rumors with you in the both that pertain to both format and casting. Keep in mind that these are just rumors and the suggested theme could change at any minute. In other words, not only is there a possibility that I’m wrong but there’s also a possibility that production could change their minds and this information will become irrelevant.

This season is going to get twisted. Much like The Real World, the cast is going to bring more from home than their luggage and STDs. Rumors have been circulating that this will bring previous cast members AND a family member. It’s interesting to note that some of the contacted family members are the opposite sex of their cast member counterpart while some family members are the same sex. This implies that this may not be a pair Challenge, but rather a team Challenge.

Social media has been abuzz with clues hinting to the format. Nia has been posting pictures and videos of herself training with her sister on Instagram while a couple of disgruntled cast members have taken frustrations to social media:



Filming is still weeks away, and production is still trying to collect interested cast members. While there seems to be some people eager to jump at the opportunity, this format excludes a lot of people. For instance, someone like Cara Maria who does not have a sibling would have a harder time getting a “bloodline.”

Another interesting thing to note is that multiple people from Are You the One have been contacted, and it’s not just people from Battle of the Exes 2.

Update 1: Production is narrowing their pool of candidates. They’ve acquired a decent number of people who are interested, but for many people their relationship to their “bloodline” is very important when getting cast. So, expect to see some less popular cast members with unique relationships to their bloodlines.

Update 2: The bloodline theme is still scheduled to happen. The cast is speculated to leave early-mid June.

Production is looking for young and interesting bloodlines. People who are 18-24 and are athletic and good looking. Basically, the bloodlines are being treated like Fresh Meat.

Here are some of the speculated cast:

Very Likely

  • Camila Nakagawa (Spring Break Challenge)
  • Cory Wharton (Real World Ex-Plosion)
  • Jenna Compano (Real World Ex-Plosion)
  • Johnny Bananas (Real World Key West)
  • Kellyanne Judd (Real World Sydney)
  • Nany Gonzalez (Real World Las Vegas)
  • Thomas Buell (Real World Ex-Plosion, likely paired with twin brother Stephen)
  • Tony Raines (Real World Skeletons, likely paired with brother Shane)


  • Cohutta Grindstaff (Real World Sydney)
  • Dario Medrano (Are You the One? 2, likely paired with twin brother)
  • Leroy Garrett (Real World Las Vegas)
  • Nia Moore (Real World Portland, likely paired with sister)


  • Adam Kuhn (Are You the One?, rumored alternate)
  • Averey Tressler (Real World Portland)
  • Brittany Baldi (Are You the One?)
  • Christina Leblanc (Are You the One? 2)
  • Cohutta Grindstaff (Real World Sydney)
  • CT Tamburello (Real World Paris)
  • Emily Schromm (Real World D.C.)
  • Johnny Reilly (Real World Portland)
  • LaToya Jackson (Real World St. Thomas)
  • Madison Walls (Real World Skeletons, likely partnered with sister Rachel)
  • Mandi Moyer (Fresh Meat 2)
  • Marie Roda (Real World St. Thomas)
  • Preston Roberson-Charles (Real World New Orleans)
  • Priscilla Mendez (Real World San Diego)
  • Shanley McIntee (Are You the One? 2)
  • Sylvia Elsrode (Real World Skeletons)
  • Wes Bergmann (Real World Austin)

Not On The Challenge

  • Arielle Scott (Real World Ex-Plosion, declined)
  • Brian Williams (Real World Ex-Plosion, declined because Jenny is pregnant)
  • Bruno Bettencourt (Real World Skeletons, declined)
  • Coral Smith (Real World Back to New York, declined)
  • Dustin Zito (Real World Las Vegas, not making final cast)
  • Emilee Fitzpatrick (Real World Cancun, not making final cast)
  • Jamie Larson (Real World Ex-Plosion, declined)
  • Jasmine Reynaud (Real World Cancn, pregnant)
  • Jay Gotti (Real World Ex-Plosion, not making final cast)
  • Jenny Delich (Real World Ex-Plosion, pregnant)
  • Jessica McCain (Real World Portland, other plans during filming)
  • Jonna Mannion (Real World Cancun, declined)
  • Jordan Wiseley (Real World Portland, declined)
  • Laura Waller (Real World St. Thomas, doesn’t fit theme)
  • Mark Long (Road Rules 1, not making final cast)
  • Theresa Gonzalez (Fresh Meat 2, “retired”, pregnant, declined)
  • Trey Weatherholtz (Real World St. Thomas, doesn’t fit theme)
  • Violetta Milerman (Real World Skeletons, traveling during filming)
  • Zach Nichols (Real World San Diego, declined)

34 thoughts on “Challenge 27: Let the Rumors Begin!

  1. I’m not a fan of this concept at all. I wonder if this will drive people we haven’t seen in a long time to return in order to play with a family member.

  2. If this is the case, I don’t understand why they need a “twist.” They haven’t had a team format since Cutthroat which was a while ago and all you really need is a solid cast without any ridiculous twists. The twists always limit the cast options and really handcuff them to secondary people that no one really cares about. I’ll wait a little while to jump to any conclusions though since its early into rumor season, haha.

  3. It’s also not exclusively to siblings and family members. Significant others will be there if they can convince Hannah, Bananas gf to do the show.

  4. I’m not a real fan of the family twist. I feel by having family members there, it will make the cast not act like how they act on a challenge.

    1. The potential drama that could occur in real life when they head back home and on TV if family members hookup or get backstabbed is what they’re going for I assume.

    2. All people on here talk about is how bad its gonna be, but i think its gonna be great ur all juss butt fuckers

  5. No more AYTO & no more Nia please. After Kenny & Evan allegedly sexually assaulted Tonya they haven’t come back. I think Nia should get the same treatment, or at least take a few off.

    Also I’d rather see another Duel, Gauntlet or Inferno over a Bloodlines concept.

      1. Actually the only reason he was invited for FM2 and Rivals was because Tonya filed the lawsuit two years later (after Rivals was filmed)

  6. This just seems like another way to get bananas to the end by pairing him with Hannah a Olympian. I’m surprise castmembers don’t argue with production if that’s the case because they did this with frank and nany.

    1. Or, last second twist, there are two teams and the “bloodlines” are on opposite teams so they have face off with each other. Every person will have an alliance with someone on the other team. It’ll be tough playing politics with that scenario

  7. Yes its snowboarding, also she’s a great athlete. Not the “respect me as an athlete” like Nia who does poorly and quits often but a real athlete. This should be for regular “civilians”. Also, Bananas should be up for elimination every week. Why people let him go near the end is beyond me.

  8. I think that if it is partnered that they do it like fresh meat. The only rule is you cannot be partnered with your bloodline. Not saying these people are in but if Wes picks Hannah that means Johnny will be forced to work with Wes. There would be a lot of strategic gameplay if so.

  9. Very idiotic idea, the challenge does not need these complex twists. If they think this is going to bring ratings, they’re wrong; no one’s going to tune in to watch complete strangers. MTV just need to do something other than paired challenges. I want a cutthroat or a inferno. No exes, rivals, seasons, or “bloodlines.”

    1. The problem is they don’t advertise the challenges like they used to and do terrible casting ideas. They need to at least triple to advetisement they do and with trailers and teasers like they did during the first rivals and exes. They also need to repeat the episodes during the week instead all the jersey shore/ridi coolness episodes. Also get a better time slot like 9 instead of 10 or 11 at night.

      1. Totally agree ^^^ They need to cast a net to new viewers who have never watched The Challenge. Time slot, previews and repeats are key. I wish they’d do a casting special and give some bio on the cast for those who haven’t watched The Real World before or may be too young to remember challengers like Wes and Johnny Bananas. #SaveTheChallenge #SaveTheRealWorld #ReviveRoadRules

  10. Certainly makes sense as a possibility. They did Real World: Ex-plosion and then the Challenge just happened to involve exes. They have a season of RW where most cast members had a family member visit at some point, then they have a family member format for the Challenge.

    1. I do cite Vemvo when I take their information, and you can verify this by viewing previous cast lists.

      Keep in mind, Vevmo is obtaining casting information almost entirely from is users at this point. If those users give me information, or if their sources gives me information, I am not taking information from Vemvo.

      When I start filling in gaps with information from Vevmo, and that very well may happen, I will give the appropriate credit.

  11. I think this concept is incredibly ridiculous however the likely cast looks not that bad. I would love to see Madison on the show and have been dying for KellyAnne to come back. I wish Violetta would be on it but I guess she’s traveling 😥 why must everything have a twist nowadays?

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