Battle of the Exes 2

Leroy & Nia: Was It the Smart Choice?

The most recent episode of Battle of the Exes 2 saw a lot of dramatic shifts in the house, and ultimately Wes & Theresa got the most obvious burn by this. However, the biggest recipients of a knife in the back were Leroy & Nia, and Nia made sure the house knew she wasn’t happy.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 3.41.13 PM

We all know Leroy and Bananas are “boys.” So when Bananas returned to the house it seemed like Leroy would be sitting pretty. As we saw earlier in the season, Sarah & Jordan also made an “alliance” with Bananas & Nany to keep them safe, but as the game progressed they became close with Leroy & Nia.

Now that we’re down to the wire, it’s time for feelings to get hurt. After getting Wes & Theresa to automatically be sent into The Dome, Jordan & Sarah ended up winning the Wrecking Ball challenge. Given the fact that they’re not going to send in the weakest team (Jay & Jenna) their decision boiled down to Leroy & Nia and Bananas & Nany. Having lost her past seven Challenges, Sarah stated that she wants to make the best decision possible. Ultimately, their choice was to send in Leroy & Nia.

But was this the best choice?

Arguably, sending in Bananas & Nany would be the logical choice. Banana’s knows how to win a final, and if Sarah is playing as strategically as possible she would want to seize every opportunity to eliminate the people who will beat her in the final. Banana’s experience in finals will post a definite threat and Nany’s performance in Free Agents at least proves she can complete a final. Compare this experience to Leroy & Nia who barely have any experience in finals.

If the goal was simply to eliminate Wes & Theresa, Leroy has proven he can out muscle Wes on Battle of the Exes 1. Plus, Leroy & Nia seem to be on a Dome winning streak.

Who do you think deserved to be sent into The Dome?


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