Real World Skeletons

Does Tony Deserve the Criticism for Bottle Stealing?

Nobody has ever had their finest moment while drunk at a club, but Tony clearly made a mistake by stealing a bottle at the club. This move made everyone in the house feel some type of emotion, and tempers erupted after the incident.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.28.19 PM

Immediately once he was caught, Madison said that she was arrested for the very thing Tony did, yet Tony seemed to show very little remorse. When Sylvia heard what happened she was furious. Not only did she feel this was a poor representation of the Real World cast, but she also called Tony’s action “white trash.”

Once she uttered those words, Tony went off the hinges. While other people’s disappointments seemed to have minimal impact on Tony, calling him “white trash” resurfaced issues that Tony has been dealing with his entire life. Growing up he didn’t have a lot and he wasn’t able to afford expensive things. Throughout his whole life Tony has dealt with others having things he could not afford. For this reason, he felt that stealing is the only way to get what he wanted. I’m not saying this is right, but it has been a reality for Tony his entire life.

Out of all of the roommates, Nicole seemed to be the most understanding. While Sylvia was immediately the most vocal, Jason seemed to be the most offended by Tony. Mostly because Tony tried to use his poor past as an excuse for stealing. Jason also grew up poor, but never had to resort to stealing to get what he wanted. If he couldn’t afford something, he would find a way to get by without it.

While his doesn’t necessarily justify his actions, it does provide some type of an understanding as to why he felt stealing was acceptable.

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  1. I think it was a very freaking bad mistake Tony made. He was lucky Nicole’s “Friend” paid for the bottle. Also it cause a friendship to be severely damage (probably the best case scenario) in Jason and Nicole. Granted Sylvia, Jason, and later Nicole should have dropped the issue then and there but Tony set the wheels in motion. Nice going Tony.

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