Real World Skeletons

Real World Skeletons: Top Moments from Episode 13

It’s the end of the road for Real World Skeletons, but the road is getting really bumpy…

1. Thrown Out

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.03.35 PM

Jason and Nicole are still arguing over Tony stealing a bottle at the club and how Jason believes Nicole would not defend him like she defended Tony. Nicole is mad that Jason is shit talking her, so he confronts her. Jason is so mad when Nicole gets in his face that he pushes her. This angers both of them more Jason allegedly, though not shown on camera, picks up Nicole and throws her. Nicole is furious, storms out of the house, and kicks a trashcan.

2. TherapissedScreen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.11.42 PM


After the altercation between Jason and Nicole, the house is sent a therapist named Joyce to talk to them. Bruno and Nicole refuse to attend. Nicole because she’s still to mad to talk, and Bruno because he’s super cool. Jason says that he’s ashamed of himself and really respects Nicole. While the cast is talking, Nicole is silently listening upstairs, but never joins the session.

3. Daddy Issues

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.13.27 PM

Jason’s skeleton arrives and his name is Lafayette… Jason’s father. They’re meeting for the first time and Jason is shocked, happy, and sad all at the same time. During this conversation Jason says he has a chip on his shoulder because of his father, and Lafayette says that he knows he was mistaken for abandoning Jason and his mother. They end cordially, and meet up again later in the week. During this conversation Lafayette shows Jason pictures of his half-sister and half-brother and extends an invitation to attend his next family reunion. As they depart, the hug and embrace the fact that they have new family in their lives.

4. Sorry and So Long

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.24.02 PM

Nicole finally sits down to talk to Jason about their altercation, and she says that she is hurt. She feels that he has taken a part of her she didn’t know she had, and she feels terrible after the incident. While Jason apologizes and admits he was completely wrong, Nicole cannot forget. She says that she may never forgive Jason, and wishes him well in life.

5. Farewell Chicago

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.35.04 PM

The cast’s time in Chicago has come to a close, and everyone has to leave. Bruno leaves first and only says goodbye to Nicole. He know’s he’s a douchebag, but he’s cool with that. The rest of the cast hugs it out and cries it out, leaving one-by-one. Madison and Tony leave together as a couple, and everyone else leaves hoping to reunite on a Challenge. OK, I made that last part up.


  1. This episode was so sad. Why did Jason go off on Nicole to that extent? You could feel her pain just by looking at her. Hard to forget and forgive that.

  2. A therapist should have been called in a lot sooner (like after the V/Sylvia vs Madison fight) and it should have been mandatory for everyone to participle especially you Bruno. I wished Jason would have just let it go with Tony’s bottle theft, well you can said the same for some of the other arguments on the show. Then again, it’s Reality TV making that option unlikely. It’s going to be interesting seeing Nicole and Jason in the same challenge.

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