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Longest Relationship That Formed on The Real World

Real World Skeletons has ended, sending Madison & Tony into The Real World to pursue a real relationship. While many have attempted to find love on The Real World, it very seldom happens. Perhaps they’ll break the mold, or maybe they’ll use their newfound freedom to pursue other relationships.

These are the most successful relationships that started on The Real World. For this list, the relationship must have started on the show. Relationships that began after filming (Judd & Pam, Wes & Johanna) or started prior to filming (Jenny & Brian) do not apply.

10. Ace & Mallory (About 6 Months)

031105Photo by: Natalie TranelliThis relationship lives, breathed, and died in 2003. Starting on the filming of Real World Paris, Ace and Mal quickly went on to appear on The Inferno, which also filmed in 2003. By the time the show aired on 2004 they were over.

9. Tony & Madison (6+ Months)couplemadtony6Starting during late 2014, these newbies are still doing their thing since filming wrapped about 5 months ago. Best of luck!

8. Cohutta & Kellyanne (8 months)


Starting during the filming of Real World Sydney during 2007, this oddball couple seemed to work. When filming of the reunion rolled around in 2008 they were still an item, but by the time they appeared on The Island, which also filmed in 2008, they were over.

7. Zach & Ashley (8 months)


The golden couple of Real World San Diego in 2011, these two were all about each other. No one else was welcome to interferer with these two. It’s rumored that they didn’t appear on Battle of the Exes, which filmed in 2011, because they were still a couple, but by the time Battle of the Seasons rolled around they were broken up and both cast.

6. Thomas & Jamie (9 months)


The couple that survived the first Real World twist, Thomas and Jamie met while filming Real World Ex-Plosion in San Francisco in 2013. They were not broken up when Battle of the Exes 2 was being cast in the summer of 2014, but by the time the plane left for Panama they had split.

5. Johnny & Averey (1 year)


A very serious couple from Real World Portland in 2012, Averey moved across the country to live with Johnny shortly after production wrapped. Things were going well, until Johnny suspected Averey of cheating shortly before he left for the filming of Free Agents in fall of 2013. His hook up with Nany during that season was the final nail on the coffin.

4. Knight & Jemmye (2 years)


Meeting during early 2010, Knight and Jemmye had a unique relationship. They spent time together after filming and continued their relationship. Filled with ups and downs, they finally called it quits in 2012. By the time they filmed Battle of the Seasons they were exes. While Knight wanted to win Jemmye back, she knew there was no chance.

3. Dustin & Heather (about 3 years)


Meeting in 2010 during the filming of the Las Vegas Real World, Dustin and Heather immediately fell for each other. Then, secrets tore them apart. Love pulled them back together. In 2011 they continued their relationship by posed as exes for Battle of the Exes. In 2012 they were still together but filmed Couple’s Therapy for VH1. After that they officially called it quits. When Dustin showed up for Free Agents in 2013 he had broken up with Heather, said he wasn’t going to hook up out of respect for her, and hooked up anyway.

2. Alton & Irulan (3 years)


Barely qualifying for this list, these two met in Las Vegas in 2002. Irulan had a boyfriend but was attracted to Alton. Throughout the season she wanted to make her relationship work, but eventually called it quits. It was only during the final episodes of the season that she truly began pursuing Alton. They filmed 2003’s Gauntlet as a couple, but by the time Alton reappeared on The Gauntlet 2 in 2005 he was single.

1. Danny & Melinda (5 Years)


The prime example of a love story, Danny and Melinda immediately clicked while filming Real World Austin in 2005. They got engaged at the reunion and appeared on Fresh Meat and The Gauntlet 3 as an engaged couple. Then they got married in 2008! When Danny appeared again on The Ruins and Fresh Meat 2 he said he was happily married to Melinda, but when Melinda returned for Cutthroat in 2010 she said she was going through a divorce. This ended the dreams of many Real World fans, but they appeared together on 2012’s Battle of the Seasons and seemed to be civil, so at least they’re friendly.










    1. never mind i just saw in the blog description that it doesn’t count since their relationship began after filming, paying attention should help me.

  1. What about Cara Maria and Abram? They’ve been together for years now.

    Brad and Tori? Married with kids.

  2. Did Wes and Johanna started on the real world or afterwards because their relationship lasted to the gauntlet 3 2/3 years later.

    1. CT and Diem met on a Challenge season. This is for couples who started dating during their mutual Real World season.

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