Real World Skeletons

Real World Skeletons: Skeletons Ranked

This past season of The Real World was filled with ups and downs, goods and bads, and lots of surprises. Many of the emoitions felt this season were a result of the skeletons who visited. So here’s a ranking of all of the Skeletons who visited from worst to best.

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10. Ashley & Samantha- These are the only two who are clumped together. Mostly because they’re twins but also because their storyline was barely a focus of the show. They had a great time visiting Nicole, and while it’s clear Nicole is the most unique of these three triplets there’s more love in the relationship than anything else.

9. Tia- The Lil’ Kim look-alike who Violetta apparently tried to fight. She was barely on camera and said very little. It seems like her relationship with Violetta improved, but no one really knows how.

8. Alicia- While Sylvia clearly hated her, they had minimal interactions during their filming. While her presence ignited a lot of reactions in the house, her early departure created an underwhelming storyline.

7. Skylar- His storyline really helped to paint a picture of the way Madison’s addiction impacted her life, but ultimately he was too nice for the show. Tony got jealous, Madison got excited, and he got to say about 4 words his whole time in the house. But it was nice to see someone looking to give a second chance.

6. Alyssa- Tony’s possessive ex, she definitely shook things up in the house. It seems like she was looking for acceptance more than anything else. She came into the house bashing Elizabeth and looking for approval from Tony. While her harsh words toward Elizabeth may have earned her some friends, she looked a little screwy during her during her appearance.

5. Rachel- Madison’s sister introduced one of the more heartfelt storyline of the season by showing just how much Madison’s addiction tore her life apart. While I really liked learning about this part of Madison’s life, I got the impression Rachel did not want to be on camera. She was very reserved and didn’t let emotions control her every move.

4. Lafayette– Perhaps the biggest shock of the season, Jason’s father only touched upon a wound that had plagued his entire life while visiting. Unlike other skeletons, Lafayette only visited Jason for two isolated incidents. In his time, we heard his justification for leaving Jason and his invitation to have Jason return to his life. A quick but fulfilling visit.

3. Jessica- The girl who profusely denied cyberbullying Violetta because she was 5 hours away at college (hint: the internet is accessible in all parts of the world). Jessica didn’t really resolve any issues with Violetta because she denied any wrongdoing, but she did seize her time in Chicago by hooking up with Tony, ensuring she’d make more enemies.

2. Elizabeth- Tony’s most recent ex when he entered the house, Elizabeth was whiny and territorial. She wanted Tony’s attention and didn’t need new friends. The reason she’s so high on the list is because her story was the best developed, starting with her pursing Tony but eventually giving Madison her blessing.

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1. Briah- Bruno’s brother brought one of the most intense storylines. Having not spoken to his brother for years, his presence was definitely not welcomed. After giving each other a second chance, Briah discovered that Bruno still possessed his explosive temper after witnessing Bruno lash out at his roommates. While Briah worked to defend his brother, he may have made more friends during his brief visit than Bruno did all season.





  1. The only real skeleton in my opinion was Lafayette and possibly Rachel, everyone else’s storyline did not seem to have as close of an impact as they did.

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