Battle of the Exes 2

Battle of the Exes 2: Top Moments from Episode 11

Let the screwing begin!

1. Intercontinental Backstabbing

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 9.18.34 PM

After being stabbed in the back Bananas is very vocal about his disappointment in Sarah, though Jordan has her back. However, it is Nia who is the most vocal about her anger. She calls Sarah a fat-faced bitch and continues to talk about Jordan’s small penis and claims he has a vagina. Then, she pulls down Jordan’s shorts to point of his vagina. While Jordan is waring Under Armor under his shorts (AKA, the uniform for most challenges), the cast is shocked by Nia. The entire cast is so emotional about this decision that is blocks their excitement for their big news, they’re headed to Norway!

2. Diddling Devil

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 9.33.26 PM

After arriving in Norway, the cast continues to be angry. While the cast has dinner and goes sight-seeing, there’s a clear diving between Bananas/Nany/Leroy/Nia and Sara/Jordan/Jay/Jenna. When the cast gets back, Nia continues to insult Jordan and Sarah, and confronts Jordan. She calls Jordan a faggot and says it’s not his fault he was born with his vagina. She then feels his junk. Later, at dinner, TJ appears and tells Nia to come with him… no explanation given.

3. Partner Pass-off

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 9.41.45 PM

Due to her crotch-grabbing antics, Nia is sent home. Luckily, Theresa and Leroy had a fling on Rivals 2, so Theresa is brought back to replace Nia and allows Leroy to remain in the game. While Leroy is thrilled, Jordan and Sarah are upset because the intentionally kept Nia around thinking she could not complete a final.

4. Exes X-ing ExesScreen Shot 2015-03-18 at 9.46.28 PM

The final Dome is X-Battle where two people wrestle for possession of a metal X. Guys battle guys, girls battle girls, first team with 2 wins takes the crown. Leroy faces Bananas first, and while Bananas seems to quickly get a handle on the X he feels a pain in his chest. The two go out of bounds, and Bananas realizes he fractured his rib. When the two reset, Leroy is able to to possession of the X. Then, Nany and Theresa battle. While Nany causes a lot of commotion, Theresa waits for her to gas out. Eventually, Theresa is able to pin down Nany and kick the X out of her hands. Leroy and Theresa win, and Bananas and Nany lose for good.

5. The Final Battle

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 9.52.10 PM

Sarah & Jordan, Jay & Jenna, and Leroy & Theresa make it to the final, and it won’t be an easy one. The race will require teams to go through multiple obstacles, starting with a helicopter ride and swim and ending with a climb up one of the steepest mountains in Norway. While all teams are guarenteed money, you need to finish to get your pay check. The battle is just starting!


  1. “Then, he pulls down Jordan’s shorts” – might want to fix that so people don’t get confused. =)

  2. Sarah’s decision to throw Bananas/Nany into the Dome. Nia crossing the line to get sent home. Leroy pairing with Theresa instead of being forced to go home because of Nia’s actions. Bananas/Nany losing the Dome. ALL PURE GOLD!!!

    1. Best episode in years. Nany/Jenna getting completely obliterated was like the 5th most entertaining thing that happened, and the elimination was the only competition at all.

      1. Complete agree! I liked how “Bananas” (a ridiculous name for a grown-ass man) tried to pretend that he would not have done the same thing to Sarah/Jordan. He is a dirt bag and totally would have done the same thing given the opportunity.

        My money is on Leroy & Theresa for the win. I am also guessing that Jay and Jenna don’t finish.

  3. Dear TheFutureIsMichael — Although I did enjoy that Leroy was not forced to go home because his partner did something stupid – and replaced by Theresa, there have been many instances where someone has been screwed over by the their partner (and many times it was Sarah. Perhaps you could do an article on this subject???

    1. The reason those people have had to go home is because there isn’t another fitting partner (in this case ex) available to take the person’s spot. In this case it was perfect for Leroy because Theresa had just been eliminated and they hooked up on the same season as Jordan/Sarah.

  4. Does anyone think if Theresa hadn’t been available that maybe they would have had Leroy and Bananas face each other in the elimination, with the winner teaming up with Nany in the final? I’m not sure if Leroy and Nany have every hooked up, but I think it would have been a good way for them to not have to send Leroy (basically the Challenge’s moral compass and spirit animal) right before the final.

    I think I would have been cool with “Winner gets Nany,” but I’m happier that it turned out the way it did. That was the best female elimination this season and probably in a few years.

  5. I am really curious to know if they’ll bring Nia back for the next challenge. I personally am REALLLLYYY hoping they don’t. I personally think she is such an ugly person, not by looks by the vile crap that she’s ways spewing wether if be on RW:Portland, the Challenge or her social media. While she has “apologized” she has still been all over social media bad mouthing Sarah.
    We still haven’t seen Kenny or Evan since the incident that allegedly occurred on the Ruins, so I am hoping this incident will seal Nias fate as well. If not at least keep her away for awhile.

  6. I don’t get why BaNany and LeNia were so mad. First off, the decision had nothing to do with Leroy and Nia, and second, Bananas totally would’ve screwed over Sarah.

    1. I genuinely do not think Bananas would have sent if Jay & Jenna first, but would have sent Sarah in before Leroy. Bananas’s anger is justified. Regardless of how close his friendship was with Sarah, he has always had her back and Sarah told him this season she’d work with him.

      Sarah was calculated and smart, but it’s completely understandable for Bananas to be mad.

      1. I’m not saying Bananas shouldn’t have been mad. What I’m saying why were him and Nany as angry as they were. I mean Bananas called Sarah “Judas”. They acted as if Sarah was fucking Benedict Arnold.

      2. Banana’s “judas” comment was pretty over the top. But that is part of why they keep bringing Bananas back for more challenges…his entertaining talking heads interviews.

  7. Do you really think Banana’s broke his rib? Or just bruised it? If he actually broke his rib then he has a very high pain tolerance considered he went back in for a second round with Leroy.

    1. I forget if it was on insta or twitter but he posted an x-ray of his ribs and he definitely cracked or fractured or broke (or whatever, can’t pretend I’m a doctor) at least two of them.

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