Real World

The Uncertain Future of The Real World

Times have been tough for The Real World & The Challenge. Ratings are low, twists run rampant, and drama has been a bigger focus than ever. Despite the fact that The Challenge score its lowest ratings in years (if not ever), it has been renewed for a 27th season.


After 30 seasons, the future of The Real World is more questionable than ever. When the 29th season introduced the show’s first twist ever, ratings saw a serious increase over the previous season. It seemed natural that the 30th season would also feature a twist, but despite the fact that the Skeletons twist produced ample drama ratings were about on par with season 28 of The Real World.

Production couldn’t have asked for a better cast than the individuals on the 30th season. The fought, cried, hooked up, and opened up about their past. Despite the fact that this season featured everything a Real World fan could want, there were not a lot of new viewers. With little security in viewership, production is likely questioning if The Real World still has a home on MTV.

No announcement has made confirming or denying the renewal of The Real World. While the next season of The Challenge is confirmed, it’s likely because this season will air prior to the next Real World season. This gives production and MTV time to decide whether or not they should invest in the next Real World season. On production’s end, the answer is clear. Jonathan Murray has stated that he will continue to make The Real World until MTV won’t let him. He even has other twists in mind, so it’s likely that future seasons will continue to have twists.

This leaves the ball in MTV’s court. While it’s clear that The Real World’s ratings are low, all shows on the network have experienced a decline. Even shows that Teen Mom that could once pull in millions of viewers can barely crack a million viewers for new episodes. The decline in overall viewership may be an indicator that MTV will need to shift directions. The introduction of multiple scripted series over the past years is a sign that MTV is trying to appeal to a new audience. With new viewers and new content on MTV, The Real World struggles to find new viewers.

The Real World has many fans who have been watching for year, even decades. As they age, they’re no long part of MTV’s targeted demographic and that makes gaining new viewers more crucial than ever. With the right resources and initiatives, The Real World can get these viewers. However, the recent ratings are putting the future of one of MTV’s most recognizable shows in jeopardy.


  1. I bet the ratings would have been better if both shows weren’t on in the same night, back-to-back, very late. I had to record every episode of the challenge and watch it later because I had work early Wednesday. These shows need to be prime time tv. A little surprised MTV gave them the shaft after so many seasons

  2. Personally I’d love to see RW go back to the format of the very early seasons, 7 talent people pursuing their different passions, no group job, no twists and turns, that’s what made the show so great to begin with!

  3. I can admit, the story lines were good for the Skeleton season, but I can only like a season so much when all they cast is unlikable douchebags. Out of the original cast members the past two “twist” seasons, I only enjoyed three (Arielle, Jenny, Madison). I can’t stomach all the other recent cast members.

  4. The twists and the recruiting ppl have to go. For the past 2 seasons every cast member has had a model mayhem account & like 4 people on skeletons had movie star aspirations LMFAO like that’s ever gonna happen. Ex plosion would of probably been okay without the twist but skeletons was a god awful cast. Literally every one on these shows now are corny and have horrible people on its okay to have one or 2 assholes maybe 3 as long as they grow during the course of the season but this never happened what so over on the past 5 seasons. Back in the day you had assholes like Coral, CT, and Tyler but they were realistic likable assholes who weren’t afraid to grow and explain themselves and just be real. Now you have wanna be bad girls like Sylvia and Violetta who should of just tried out for bad girls club and tryhard “look at me Im so cool” types like Jason, Tony, and Nicole destroying any sense of reality to this show. This show claims to be real but Jason doesn’t get offended when lardass brat Sylvia and washed up edm festival whore Violetta jump the only interesting person on the show Madison and they completely get away with it yet when he flips out and acts like the played out disgusting angry black man stereotype twords mousy fake accent Nicole he has to get therapy? Yet they don’t? LMFAO & Jasons just gonna let them use him as a scaoegoat to be racist? Not real, if Jason had any integrity he’d of flipped out on production. I bet this season didn’t have a reunion because they didn’t have enough money to hire screenwriters because the audience knew it was fake hence the ratings. Imagine this season without the skeletons it would of been like watching an episode of the Brady bunch but with booze and self righteous “look at me” doucebags. Bruno and Madison and perhaps Tony were the only ones who should of been cast the rest should of been saved as fresh meat for the the over the top obviously staged challenges that have also run their course. Its funny because San Francisco and Chicago were the locations of the past 2 seasons yet you never not once saw the unique vibes and culture of those 2 cities add anything to those seasons. In the past the cities always played a big role almost as if they were the 8th cast member and as each new season arrived it was so fun to watch the new city bring something new and exciting unique to that city. As slutty and dramatic as the first Vegas cast was it was explainable and realistic for its time back then, who could really blame them? it was vegas. Yet San Francisco didn’t have any gay male cast members just dumbass boring lesbian Arielle who literally let Jennys Ex Brian slam her in the last night and she just brushed it off like ‘okay’ its okay for a big ass gorilla man to put his hands on a woman who was trying to console him what a great example for today’s youth. Good job MTV same thing goes for Nia in Portland. On last season you had it in Chicago yet you had none of the cast do anything unique to the city no visits to the many world famous improv theatres (yet how many people in the cast wanted to be actors?), no interaction or statement about the city’s growing crime problem, not even one mention/discussion of #blacklivesmatter the most unique and important thing about this decade. Probably because mixed house nigga walking stereotype Jason just wants to fuck bitches not have stimulating conversation. But LMFAO it’s okay it’s not like this shit is influential to the youth or anything. Keep making America dumb MTV. Pedro never happened right? Get your shit together BMP! Brooklyn and DC may have been ‘boring’ but they got better ratings than explosion and Skeletons! Idk about the upcoming Vegas 3 season but if there is indeed a season 32 it will undoubtedly be filmed in 2016 during a year with undoubtedly the most important presidential election ever they better get there shit together or else this show is gonna die.

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