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Should ‘Are You the One’ Return to The Challenge?

On Battle of the Exes 2, we were introduced to Are You the One cast members. This was the first time production cast people outside of the Real World/Road Rules/ Challenge franchise and it was met with very mixed reactions by fans.

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If you didn’t watch Are You the One, you likely had no idea who these people are. In a nutshell, they competed to find their “perfect match” among a group of 20 singles. In reality, they are the same a Fresh Meat… Real World rejects. While they ultimately served a filler to the cast, they were not unnoticed this season.

John & Simone fizzled quickly. Allegedly, Simone tried to stir up a lot of drama this season but no one was taking the bait. Then, the team left third (or fourth, or sixth, depending on how you view it). On the other hand, Adam & Brittany made quite the splash this season and were actually an interesting team to watch. As a team, they: eliminated 3 other teams, argued a lot, and flirted with each other. Somehow, they won the hearts many viewers and were the underdog team to root for.

Despite the successes of Brittany & Adam, most fans do not want to see Are You the One on future Challenges. While they may have fit into the “Exes” theme perfectly, they could appear on future Challenges in floods. By adding the 2 seasons of Are You the One to Challenge pool we have 41 new candidate. For some Challenge fans, this seems overwhelming and a cheap substitute for the Challengers we’ve grown to love.

So this begs the question, should Are You the One continue to appear on The Challenge?


  1. I think calling the Fresh Meat Real World rejects is a bit harsh, considering some of the great castmates Fresh Meat has given the franchise: Diem, Big Easy, Cara Maria, Theresa, Laurel, Kenny, Evan, Evelyn.

    That said I’m all for fresh faces and new shows, especially with the Real World’s continued existence up in the air.

    1. It’s not harsh because it’s true. Diem was almost cast for the Austin season of Real World. Evelyn was almost on Key West. Brandon was almost cast for Cancun. Almost all of the Fresh Meat original applied to The Real World, didn’t make the final cut, and were later asked to return.

      The same can be said for Are You the One kids. I know Shanley from season 1 actually made the cast of a Real World season (not sure which on, probably Portland) but had to decline.

      1. Also Evan was said to be on the Key West season but his visa wasn’t approve at the time and Bananas took his spot.

  2. I totally support AYTO’s participation in the Challenge, especially due to some Real World/Fresh Meat castmembers either not interested in participating, unable to participate or retiring from the challenge. Jemmye and Theresa are the latest challenge castmembers to quit the challenges. I think Sarah might be leaving the challenge as well. After winning Battle of the Exes II, I wouldn’t blame Sarah if she decided to quit on top.

  3. No! There not needed especially with Real World now adding more cast members. I mean on Ex-Plosion their were 12 and Skeletons had 17. The only way those thirsty kids could’ve got on a Challenge was through a Fresh Meat 3, but I don’t think we will see a third installment anytime soon.

  4. AYTO cast members should definitely be used if they are competitors and bring something to the table. It’s no longer called “Real World/Road Rules : The Challenge.” It’s just “The Challenge.” If they start pulling people from Teen Mom or Catfish you can start to panic, but until then we should probably trust the people behind the brand we know and love. Also, adding people from AYTO is no different than doing another fresh meat, it’s a bunch of people who haven’t been on Real World or The Challenge itself. The big plus is they don’t have to waste a season doing an actual fresh meat season and just gradually add in new blood along with new Real World cast members.

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