The Challenge

Best Themes for Challenge 27

There are mixed emotions surrounding the suspected Challenge 27 theme. While this theme may provide a lot of drama, it’s a big risk on MTV’s behalf. Here are a few other theme that Challenge fans may be more interested in:

1. New School VS. Old School



This is the most obvious theme. In fact, it has been the most obvious theme for years. Fans and Challengers alike want this theme. While the most comparable theme, The Gauntlet 3, produced some very lopsided teams the current new generation has some pretty stacked competitors. Add in the fact the some fan favorites would be willing to return on the Old School team and you had a win-win scenario.

2. Rivals 3

A lot of people are sick of paired Challenges, but Rivals 2 was a joke in terms of pairings. There have been a lot of new rivalries on the most recent Challenges and Real Worlds, and I think with the current pool of active Challenge participants this theme would be the most successful option.

3. Cutthroat 2


A lot of fans loved Cutthroat and are sick of team Challenges. While the random teams of the original Cutthroat may have worked the first time around, perhaps the show would be more popular if we had three themed teams. Due to the fact that there has only been one 3-teamed Challenge there’s a lot of untapped potential.

4. Fresh Meat

While Fresh Meat has never been the most popular format, if production is itching for new cast members this is a good format. Perhaps the Fresh Meat could be Real Worlders and Are You the One cast members who have never done a prior Challenge. That way the introduction Are You the One would feel more natural to fans.

5. Frenemies


So it’s a twist you want? The most logical theme I can think of would involve starting the Challenge with pairs of “best friends.” Half way through the competition the game becomes an individual game and former teammates and best friends are forced to compete against each other. This theme would fit into the current trends of The Challenge and The Real World were twists are introduced midway through the season.

What themes do you want to see?




  1. I like them all, but I think BMP and MTV will only do FM if they need to like when they did FM1 cuz RR was cancelled. The last one is also a little similar to Survivor, Total Drama, and/or Bad Girls All Star Battle (even though the last is BMP produced as well)

  2. The tging I like about cutthroat is the amount of themes they can do. The original cutthroat, Champions vs veterans vs rookies, old school vs new school vs newbies, brains vs brains vs beauty, real world vs road rules vs fresh meat/ayto, etc.

  3. I’ve always wanted Cutthroat 3 cuz I like the concept with the 3 teams. I also wanted Battle of the Seasons 2. Frenemies sounds stupid

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