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MTV Discusses the Future of The Challenge

MTV recently announced some of its upcoming shows and developing shows, and briefly discussed the future of The Challenge. As the focus of the network continues to shift, it’s interesting to see how The Challenge will fit in.


In the post, MTV discusses the numerous scripted series that they are attempting to make successful. They are also announcing a new late night talk show, because the failure of the past 29 did not convince them that their audience isn’t interest in a talk show.

In regard to The Chalenge, the post writes:

“The Challenge” (Season 27)
“The Challenge” takes some of MTV’s most favorite competitors, along with fresh faces from “The Real World” and “Are You The One?,” to an exotic location for a brand-new explosive format. They will battle it out to bring home a life-changing grand prize. Between the new twists and the demanding pressures of the game, it’ll take more strength than ever to succeed in this game.

While this post is vague, it is interesting to see that MTV acknowledges that this season will be a new format before they’re even running promos.  I anticipate that we’ll get more official information from production prior to airing the show that we have in past season.


  1. RIP Challenges. The new format no one seems to like and again there bringing in more nobodies from a show nobody watches. Watch Challenge 27 be the very last challenge. Thank you MTV and BMP for killing the best reality competition game show in the history of everdom.

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