The Challenge

8 Losers We Wanted to Be Winners

Every Challenge boils down to the final, and there re always fan favorites in the final. Often, the obvious front-runner is not the fan favorite so many fans are left upset when their beloved underdog loses. These are some of the people or teams we really wanted to win the final, but didn’t.

8. Brad (The Duel 2)

loserbradThe Duel 2 was Brad’s 6th Challenge. Despite the fact that he had come close many times before, he had not won. He was awfully close to securing his first win, but Evan ran in front of him seconds before he was able to ring the final bell, costing him the win.

7. Wes & Kenny (Rivals)

losersweskWes & Kenny are two of the most successful Challengers ever, so they’re not really underdogs. However, their heated rivalry made Rivals that much harder for them. After Kenny underperformed all season, Wes was the one who struggled in the final. Despite the fact that they finished the first day 40 minutes prior to Johnny & Tyler, their lead only translated to a 2 minute head start the following day.

6. Cooke & Cara Maria (Rivals 2)

loserscmcBoth Cooke & Cara Maria are tough competitors, but there’s no denying that opponents Emily (and partner Paula, to a lesser degree) is also a beast. While Emily & Paula earned their spot in the final with consistent wins on Rivals 2, Cara Maria & Cooke had to fight through numerous Jungles. Emily  & Paula were undeniably deserving of a win, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t rooting for the underdogs.

5. Sara & Kennyanne (The Ruins)
While the Champions won almost everything on The Ruins, the only 2 Challengers who made it to the final were Kellyanne & Sarah. For a while, these two girls held the lead in the final. Then, they literally got stuck in the mud and lost that lead. While the Champions were a strong team, it would have been hilarious and satisfying to see them lose to 2 rookie girls.

4. The Veterans (The Gauntlet 3)

losers2Sometimes the team who dominates the season deserves to win. Not only did the vets dominate, but they also defeated the rookies in challenges that were obviously skewed in favor of the rookies. So when they lost just because Big Easy wasn’t in shape, it seemed like an undeserving win for the rookies.

3. Svetlana (The Duel)

loserssvetSvetlana was the little rookie who could on The Duel, defeating multiple respected opponents in Duels. Her final competitor, Jodi, was most likely the strongest girls on the season. We all wanted to see Svetlana take down Jodi in the final, but Jodi pulled out the W leaving fan disappointed.

2. The Girls (Battle of the Sexes)


Ruthie, Ellen, and Lori suffered a losing streak in the second half of Battle of the Sexes. The streak was only broken on the Challenge before the final. So, we all wanted these girls to prove they could take down the boys in the final. Unfortunately, they could not. However, there is still some debate because they guys had to copy the girls’ puzzle in order to progress in the final.

1. CT & Diem (Battle of the Exes)

losersctdiemCT & Diem winning Battle of the Exes would have made the perfect storyline. They came in as bitter exes and rebuilt a friendship throughout the season. Add in the fact that both of them have come close to winning yet neither of them had ever won. The were so close to victory, yet it was stolen from them in the final stretch of the final by Johnny & Camila.


  1. I agree with most of this list but have Cooke and cars higher and the vets way lower. I would also would of preferred having road rules winning the the original battles of the seasons because road rules teams were way better then the real worlds team and they were more deserving.

    1. The only reason Cooke & CM were so low is because I thought Emily was so deserving on Rivals 2. Yes, it would have been cool to see those 2 win, but I’m really glad Emily got a well-deserved victory.

      And Road Rules losing Seasons was karma for the inner circle voting off the 4th place team. I was glad they lost after their shenanigans. If Emily B. was in the final 3 on Sexes I probably wouldn’t have rooted as much because she was such a negative influence on her team that it was hard to root for her.

      1. To be fair to Road Rules, Holly B (Chadwick’s wife) did try a steer the ship in the right way in the second vote-off but Dan and Tara was like if we save your husband and Piggy and we’re in fourth next time how do we know we won’t get vote off, we’re voting them off. Then came Emily and Timmy, Emily wanted to join Tara and Dan voting off Chadwick and Piggy and Timmy want to play the game more fairly. In the end, Emily got Timmy to side with her and bye-bye Chadwick and Piggy. I wished Timmy stood his ground but with his partner per BOTSexes it would have been difficult. Chadwick shot in himself in foot with voting off the biggest threats and not the weak links and arguing and ending the alliance with Emily. I think Holly should have either maybe convincing her hubby to eliminate the weak links or at least try to make a deal with Tara and Dan or convince them that won’t happen. Don’t know if she could have kept her word. Also Chadwick shouldn’t have written that nasty emails to Emily and Timmy. Also I think the producers should have DQ’d the guys.

  2. I think Zach or Johnny Reilly winning Free Agents would have been infinitely greater for the show (building up stronger younger stars for future seasons) than another Bananas victory.

    Although it was a team challenge, seeing Derrick go out the way he did in Gauntlet II was rough.

    1. To be fair, he lost to an underrated challenger in Timmy who made to the finals three times only falling short in his fourth and last challenge The Inferno 3. Also even though Timmy won, he felt he lost because he sent Derrick home.

  3. I agree with most of the list, but I can’t onboard with Brad. He was the biggest douche bag on the show, until Bananas came along and filled that spot.

  4. Yeah Brad has a big ego for someone who hasn’t won one out of 8 challenges. Also even then he didnt go into a single elimination that season soooooooo yeah. In my Book won of the least deserving winners

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