The Challenge

Seasons That Like to Go Home First

Going home early is a rite of passage that many rookies must endure. However, there are some seasons who cast members tend to take the early flight home. Here are some of the seasons whose cast members have had multiple early departures on The Challenge.

Real World Los Angeles (4 Times)- The Real World Los Angeles had a rough start, with Beth and Jon going home first on Battle of the Seasons. On Battle of the Sexes, David E. voluntarily took the first flight home. On The Inferno 2, Jon was the first male eliminated. Being sent home first 4 times does not display the abilities of Real World LA very well, and there has never been a Challenge champion produced by this season. World Sand Diego (4 Times)- The San Diego Real World season has seen some Challenge success, but they also have a lot of really bad performances. Jacques was the first male eliminated on Battle of the Sexes 2, and Camera was the first girl to get “eliminated” on The Gauntlet 2. Robin has been the first female eliminated twice – once on The Inferno 2 and once on Rivals.

Real World Austin (4 Times)- Wes, Lacey, Danny, and Rachel have all been the first person sent home on a Challenge. Real World Austin had a particularly terrible on Fresh Meat when Danny left first (but the second and third eliminated people were also from the Austin season). Rachel was the first female to get eliminated on The Inferno 3. Then, Wes and Lacey left first on Battle of the Seasons in 2012.


Real World Denver (5 Times)- On The Challenge, the Denver guys are not someone you want to be partnered with. Denver has been the first eliminated 5 times, and every time it was a guy losing. On The Inferno 3 Tyrie was sent home first. On The Gauntlet 3 Alex was sent home first. On Rivals Davis and Tyrie were the first males to depart. Most recently, Tyrie was the first male to get eliminated on Rivals 2.

Many seasons have had cast members get eliminated first 2 times. Here are some examples:

Portland (Anastasia and Jessica on Rivals 2)

Cancun (Emilee and Derek on Cutthroat)

Chicago (Aneesa on Rivals, Tonya on The Island)

Brookyln (Chet on The Ruins and Free Agents)

New Orleans (Julie on Battle of the Sexes, David on The Gauntlet)

Semester at Sea (Veronica and Yes on Battle of the Seasons)

Real World San Diego 2 (Nate and Priscilla on Battle of the Exes)

Sydney (Dunbar on Rivals 2, Shauvon on The Duel 2)

Key West (Bananas and Paula on The Duel)



  1. real world back to Vegas. Adam R first off rivals for punching Ty, Naomi left rivals 2 first episode, and Dustin lost the first elimination on exes 2. Also if you include exiles of exes 2 Thomas and hailey were the first team overall eliminated.

    1. The list is people who were eliminated first, so I didn’t include Adam or Naomi because they didn’t lose eliminations.

      For Exes 2, I consider Thomas and Hailey the first to leave but it’s a grey zone.

  2. Also Real World Paris CT kicked off for fighting Inferno 3 and Duel 2, Adam for fighting Duel 2, and Ace eliminated Inferno 1.

  3. You should do a list of seasons that don’t like to leave early, consisting of people who have made it to many finals or were the last eliminated (Real World Paris, Austin, Key West, and Denver all come to mind)

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