Will We Ever Have Another Road Ruler on The Challenge?

With Are You the One invading The Challenge, the show is moving further and further away from its Real World/Road Rules roots. In fact, we haven’t seen a Road Rules on the show for about 3 years now.

While interest in Challenges has dwindled to some degree, it seems like there are some Roadies still willing to duke it out on a competition reality show. Despite the fact that the interest remains on the Roadies’ behalf, there is little interest on MTV’s behalf.

01Let’s break it down. There are only a handful of Road Rulers who have indicated that they’re interested in the show. These people include names like: Mark, Rachel, and Darrell. On the other hand, MTV is more interested in including themes on The Challenge. While Road Rulers have only participated in Battle of the Exes 1, production has considered them for potential cast members. There was even a rumored Road Rules team that was slated to appear on Battle of the Seasons. With the final decisions being in production’s hands, the overlap between interested Road Rulers and Road Rulers production are interested in is minimal.

People like Susie, Katie or Tori may have once been interested in returning to The Challenge, but they now have families that prevent them from returning to The Challenge. People like Mark, Darrell, and Shane have expressed some interest in returning but they don’t fit into the theme production want to incorporate into the shows. Plus, these veterans will likely serve as accessories to veterans like Banana’s success.

So, who is most likely to return? I would say Abe has the highest possibility. He’s a wild card in the shows, tends to have some explosive moments, and seems to have a schedule that’s fairly flexible and may allow him to return. He’s still connected to Cara Maria, so his story line stays relevant. For females, Rachel probably has the highest probably of returning because she’s dislikes Bananas and is regarded as one of the best females to ever appear on the show.

Ultimately, I think the chance of seeing another Road Ruler on The Challenge is slim. Most of them have moved on and very few have relevant storylines that would play into twists. However, there always tends to be a few surprises with Challenge casting and a Roadie on the cast would be a welcomed surprise.


7 thoughts on “Will We Ever Have Another Road Ruler on The Challenge?

  1. Road Rulers I would love to see return are



    I know some of the people I listed said they’re retired but I think they would stir some uproar if they ever came back.

  2. What about Dan from Viewers Revenge? He was on Cutthroat which wasn’t too long ago and got a decent story line…does he have no interest or have they not called?

    I’m sure Derek M from that season would do another Challenge in a heartbeat, but his chance seems slim.

    • From what I have heard Derek m wanted to focus on football. I wish dan did more challenges then the island and cutthroat. He dropped from the duel 2 and free agents was the only recent challenge that he could do but I don’t think he got a call.

      • Dan could have had a rivalry. Had a great redemption storyline on Cutthroat, would be great to have him back. Still was fun good TV as sober Dan.

        Google Derek M. He’s focused on bartending, he’d take the call.

  3. The logo used for this post from the main page has the abandoned title of “South Seas” for Season 12, should be fixed.

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