Has Jordan Retired from The Challenge?

Recently, Jordan responded to a viewer’s question on Twitter asking whether or not he’d ever return to The Challenge. Jordan simply replied by saying nope without giving any further explanation.


A lot of people take to Twitter and say they’ll never do another Challenge, but they’re only trying to get attention and an invitation to the next Challenge. For Jordan, I feel his response may not be a ploy to get attention. Here’s why:

1. He just won. People like to go out on top.

2. He is building a modeling career. Any negative portrayal on TV can hinder your career in the modeling world.

3. He has been placed in some very compromising situations throughout his Challenge career.

Though Jordan has proven himself to be one of the top competitors in recent years, he also brings a lot of drama to the show. For production, this seems like the perfect cast member. However, the stress and unreliability of The Challenge may be too much for Jordan and as he is moving in a different career direction.

What do you think, will Jordan be back?


2 thoughts on “Has Jordan Retired from The Challenge?

  1. I always felt if people won a challenge they should at least take the next challenge off so we can get new winners. I think he should take this one off b/c he has done the last 3 and it does not give a target on his back just like Johnny last season.

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