The Challenge

Challengers Who Could Return Stronger Than Ever

For most Challengers, the months in between seasons means going back to school, work, or capitalizing on your 15 minutes of fame by doing appearances. Most people try to keep fit, but these are the people who kicked it up a notch. Should these people return, they’ll be stronger than ever.

Cara Maria


After a disappointing loss on Free Agents, there was no denying Cara Maria displayed great improvements on that season. She has continued to work out and shovel in the protein. She may not have won yet, but when she’s back she’ll be tougher than ever to beat.



Tyrie may be the only person who has faith in himself on The Challenge, but he took that faith all the way to the gym and swole up. He’s down in body fat, up in muscle, and apparently he’s ready to prove himself.



Kellyanne is often regarded as a great competitor, but she definitely had a tiny frame. Recently, she has been hitting the gym and putting her ass to work. Take all of her potential and multiply it with muscle, and you have a fierce competitor who will probably never show up.



Kenny has built a reputation for being move of a smart-talker than a physical threat. Well, you can rest assured that his 4 years away from The Challenge have not resulted in weight gain. He has hauled more ass in the gym than ever before. So if we ever see him again, be prepared to see him as a physical threat.

RachelstrongerrachThis one isn’t even fair, because Rachel is so good. However, she has turned fitness into a career and works out more than ever. If she comes back, be afraid… very afraid.



The ginger from St. Thomas has been in the gym since we last saw him, and he has packed on the muscle. In fact, it looks like his inner hulk came out and isn’t going back in. With his weight, strength, and size I see him posing a threat for some of the highest regarded Challengers.



Jenn has been really quiet for the past 4 years, and it’s because she has been in the gym. She has shed any fat she once had and replaced with with muscle. She’s stronger than ever, too bad she hasn’t used her new skills on a Challenge.


  1. Apparently Evan has also gotten back into great shape since rivals. Also Darrell has gotten in even greater shape because of his boxing since freshmeat 2.

  2. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how much weight he loses or how strong Tyrie gets. He will find a way to lose in an elimination. The most he’ll ever be on these shows is a placeholder.

    1. Maybe. I can’t say that thought hasn’t crossed my mind. However, his physical improvement is pretty drastic. Plus, he should have won that elimination on Rivals 2, but Dummy Bear was throwing it.

    2. I feel like if Brandon was on rivals 2 with Dunbar and tyrie did free agents tyrie would of done great in Oppenheimer and balls in. If he had good speed he could of done good in looper too.

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