Will Jenna Continue to Be a Successful Challenger?

On Battle of the Exes 2, Jenna quickly became the new it girl. She won the praise of Zach, got approval from the veterans, and never saw elimination. Half of her success may be attributed to the fact that her and Jay were perceived as a weak team, but she received a lot of approval for her willingness to compete.


With a new Challenge on the horizon, and Jenna as a strong potential cast member, her future success is starting to become a question of debate. On Exes, she was not the strongest physical competitor, but she was also willing to put her best foot forward. She outperformed girls on many of the missions and was able to tolerate Jay as a partner.

While she never went into elimination, she was not considered the weak link on her team. Veterans praised her and even befriended her. Going into future seasons, it seems that she will have allies that are willing to help carry her through the game. It seems that her transition into Challenge life is much easier than the average rookie’s and she will continue to have an easy transition.

Still, she has done little to prove herself as a strong competitor. True, she never finished in last on Battle of the Exes, but she did very little to make herself stand out. Her strategy to fly under the radar worked once, but the more praise she receives, the bigger target she will be. This means that she may have a more difficult time in future seasons. Plus she won’t have Jay to blame for her shortcomings.

What do you think? Can Jenna skate to the end again?

4 thoughts on “Will Jenna Continue to Be a Successful Challenger?

  1. She’s a joke. Can’t stand her and she’s just basic as shit. But looks like she needs the challenge for a livelihood because I’m sure modeling for Instagram isn’t too lucrative and highly doubt her “criminal justice” career is doing too hot. She desperately needs a reality check and get taken down a few notches

  2. If Zach is also on with her since their still together she might make it at least halfway depending on the challenge. If not she will most likely lose early.

  3. I voted generously on this. I absolutely believe that if Jay had drunk that stuff, Jenna would have wussed out and not been able to finish (either finish drinking that fish stuff or finish the challenge period). She was able to pretend that she would do it (she didn’t attempt it at all since Jay wasn’t).

  4. Damn, that is one angry person that posted above lol. I have noticed a consistent trend among fans of the show since this last season ended. Many dont like to give Jenna any credit (mainly the female fans) because they dont like that she posts a bunch of selfies and because they believe she is the dumbest person alive based on her edits from MTV shows. I personally couldnt care less about that stuff so here are my unbiased thoughts as simply a fan of the show that wants to see the best possible cast. Jenna is actually very intriguing as a competitor.As the article stated, she is still largely unproven based on her flying under the radar last season and no dome appearances. But I was pleasantly surprised by her overall athleticism that she showed in the main challenges. Particularly strength, coordination, swimming and balance. There was not really any challenge that catered to speed, so i guess that remains to be seen from her. But imo she showed she is well above average and the question now is can she reach another level and is she going to believe she can compete with the other top female competitors (especially in a do or die situation). I think she clearly has the ability but i am not so sure if she has that competitive edge and confidence needed that will help her rise to the occasion when the time comes that she will have to step up and face an elimination. So that remains to be seen. But if she is part of the final cast for this upcoming season and IF she has been training harder for it this time around, this girl could be dangerous. As far as dramatics go, it doesnt seem like she is ever going to be over the top in that area, which is fine because the other 90% of the female cast will more than make up for that. None the less she does bring a different humor dynamic than any of the other girls and had some hilarious moments last season.

    Also for all the girls out there slamming her looks. I mean shit ladies lets get real here. Im not saying she is Giselle or anything, but you guys gotta let go of the hate for the selfie & “modeling” pics and give a little credit where it is due. The girl is very attractive and has a huge following on social media and that alone helps the show.

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