Battle of the Bloodlines

The Next Challenge: Teams or Pairs

If you’ve been following the rumors for the next Challenge season, you’ll know that it’s going to be considerably different that previous seasons. Primarily, it’s rumored that the next season will include “bloodlines” of the alumni cast. These “bloodlines,” or relatives of the alumni, are going to be competing alongside or against the alumni.


Rumor has it that this season will actually be a team format where alumni of The Challenge, The Real World, or that other MTV show will compete against a team comprised of their bloodlines. Over the past few seasons,the trend has been pairs (as seen in the Rivals, Battle of the Exes, and Fresh Meat formats). In fact, it has been half a decade since MTV filmed a large team Challenge.

Is it a good idea to turn this season into a large team format? Normally, I would welcome this change. However, I see a huge potential for this season to be heavily lopsided. Many of the alumni will were cast on The Real World because they are athletic, in shape, and have potential on The Challenge. The bloodlines are not going to selected based on this criteria. Rather, the only real criteria is being related to an alumni.

To be completely honest, this is one of those instances where a pair Challenge may make sense. Given my assumption that bloodlines will be weaker than their alumni counterparts, this gives us less potential for the Challenge to be completely lopsided. Of course there will be stronger and weaker teams, but there is less potential for complete domination to come from one team.

What do you think? Is a team Challenge a good idea for the rumored next season, or should the bloodlines & alumni be paired?


  1. I’m just saying…. if it does happen to be alumni vs bloodlines, then I called it way back when i heard the bloodlines idea

  2. I think it’s the opposite of what you said. They picked people for the real world based on drama and looks. So now they have a big pool to pick from siblings to make a balanced team. Even Emilee from cancun could have athletic family.

  3. what they should do is a different format like one team bloodlines , one team alumi, one team are you the one and one team of whole new people .

  4. I guess it would make sense for it to be pairs, but i’m SICK of paired challenges. The best challenges are either two-teams or individual.

    1. yeah individual , but then again free agent’s wasn’t that individual . only the eliminations and half of the final was . If there going to do a individual challenge it should truly be a individual challenge . That includes eliminations , missions and finals.

  5. I would love to see a team challenge, where they have to throw their own teammates into elimination

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