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Jemmye Shares Touching Article About Knight’s Passing

About 6 months after Knight passed away his ex-girlfriend and Exes 2 partner Jemmye has opened up about her struggles since he passed in this touching article.


While I encourage you to read the entire article, Jemmye reveals that she struggles with the fact that hours before Knight passed away he posted an angry tweet directed at her. While the two clearly had ups and downs in their relationship, there was always an underlying love in their relationship. Jemmye knows this, but is still pained by the fact that he left us while being upset with her.

She also reveals that the last time she saw him was their flight home from Battle of the Exes 2, and confessed the sad fact that she always knew she’d receive a call saying that he was gone. Despite the hardship she has dealt with since his passing, Jemmye has displayed strength in her ability to openly discuss her pain and has carried on Knight’s legacy.

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